Buy Zaaviay Aaina Cotton Silk Suit Collection with handwork of Kora, Dabka, Rehsam, Zari and Gotta

by Adeel A. A professional writer.

Pakistani culture holds a lot of value for its people. Culture is what guided our forefathers and continues to guide us in the current time. The influence of western culture has made its way into the Pakistani millennials and even into the previous generations. This is not necessarily a bad thing because being diverse is a good thing but this is slowly fading away from our original culture and losing your roots can be a bad thing. 

Zaaviay promotes this classic Pakistani culture with a modern twist that can please all generations. Zaaviay holds our roots and reminds us constantly of the art and history behind our culture through their extravagant clothing. For ages kora and different styles of hand-embroidery has existed in Pakistan as Zaaviay continues this legacy of hand-embroidery. For more information: Pacman 30th anniversary

Hand-embroidered Pakistani clothing 

Hand-embroidery in Pakistani clothing is very culturally related as even nowadays you can see women wearing traditional Pakistani clothing worn by our ancestors. Most of the time machines carry out the embroidery in current times, this does not mean that the embroidery is inferior in looks to hand-embroidery. Even so hand-embroidery has human elements that make it more pleasing and add value due to the hard work and skill required to perform such beautiful art.

The difference in the value of machine-embroidery and hand-embroidery can be understood by the example of a printed landscape image and painted landscape image. The human skill of painting adds value to the image just like a hand-embroidered suit adds value to the clothing. Zaaviay sustains this historic art style by providing jobs to people who know this skill and encouraging more people to learn it. People who invest in Zaaviay's clothing understand the value of different hand-embroidery styles and know how difficult it is to learn and execute this hand-embroidery on chiffon or any other fabric.

Apart from the quality of hand-embroidery, Zaaviay also focuses on the quality of their chosen fabrics. Zaaviay uses the best fabrics for their products. The best fabric is comfortable and striking at the same time. Years of experience in the field of Pakistani clothing brands, Zaaviay has developed the best clothing for their customers through research. Every fabric is unique in style but similar in comfort. For more information: webtoon xyz

Zaaviay's Aaina Collection

Zaaviay has been putting out multiple collections through the year and with the new summer collection still going strong, Zaaviay brings their Aaina collection to their brand. Aaina means a mirror in Urdu, it means that Zaaviay reflects their customers in their clothing. They want their customers to wear their clothing to express their true selves. Zaaviay is the extension of its customers and they believe in expressing every woman in their own individual way. 

Aaina is a Zaaviay luxury collection that contains ready to wear luxury pret with the best cotton silk fabrics. This collection focuses on the theme of royalty with the finest craftsmanship, exquisite colors, and only the finest fabrics – with elegant and complicated hand-embroidered kurtas and printed with their brand signature. Aaina is one of the most sumptuous collections ever seen in the year 2020 and each piece has its distinctive personality. The wearer is guaranteed with an outclass performance. This brand has clothing for all functions and activities on the calendar. Zaaviay will always guarantee the top comfort and style on each of their clothing.

The high-quality clothing in every new collection is very constant and Aaina is no exception to Zaaviay in performance. Zaaviay tries to outdo itself on every new collection. On a deeper level, they relate to their customer as they are always seeking new ideas that their customer would love to try. Customers know the importance of manual art and therefore invest their money in their line of clothing and it retains the almost forgotten craft of handcrafted embroidery.

Zaaviay's Aim

Aaina aims at satisfying Pakistani women and fulfilling their demand for embroidered dress designs based on cotton silk fabrics. This collection has numerous styles so that it can meet in par with the customer's fashion necessities. Zaaviay believes in developing a long-term relationship with its customers as they govern their clear ethics and values of the company for its customers. Zaaviay's personalized customer experience offers Pakistani women a positive influence on their tastes and ambitions, with a keen sense of fashion and an eye for quality.

Kora, Dabka, Zari, Gotta is just a small part of the endless variety in hand-embroidery provided by Zaaviay. Zaaviay has a clear plan on how to satisfy their customers for all years to come. They will only get better and better in their performance because of their priority, in the end, is to preserve the slowly fading art and culture of Pakistani clothing and customer satisfaction.

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