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by Minh Anh WorkHard

Clickbank University 2.0 Review: Is it Worth The Cost?

Product Name: Clickbank University
Item Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan
Promoted Rate: $47 monthly
Upsells: $594.
Rating: 90/100.
More Details:

Update 2018: I composed this original evaluation back in 2014. It's quite popular, so I wanted to update it this year to reflect any modifications. Overall, the program has not altered much. It's still a good way to learn how to construct an organisation releasing your own information items. However, I do want to clean up one piece of confusion before we start.

Clickbank University has actually considering that included a set of trainings for affiliates. It's good training, but not my # 1 option. If you wish to be an affiliate and build affiliate sites, then you are much better off learning about that things from this affiliate training center. They've been around for 12 years, and have actually produced countless success stories (a few of which I have actually personally mentored, since 2012).

Even if you do want to offer your own digital items, CBU is a fantastic option. However I do not advise you buy whatever Clickbank desires you to purchase, so keep reading for more details.

What Is It?

Clickbank University is a training center and community on how to create your own information products to sell online. You can also discover how to market other individuals's products by means of affiliate marketing.

The quality of training is extremely high, and the community is somewhat active. The price is quite high but not unreasonable for what you get. I think this could be a good item for somebody aiming to market information via their own details item listed on Clickbank, but not for someone wanting to earn money in affiliate marketing.

Clickbank University Members Location.

Generally I have to handle con artists trying to squeeze every cent out of me on sales pages, so Clickbank's uncomplicated sales page was a pleasant surprise. They are clear about what you will be doing inside the members area, and what your money will pay for.

There were 2 things that put me off on their sales page:.

The new, updated version of the sales page stresses worry mongering. They have a long dialogue about how Google's Deep Mind robotics are going to take our jobs and to stay relevant we require to work at house. Begin men, you have a legitimate training center and don't require to play that type of video game. Selling information products online is not going to save us from the robot transformation.
I also do not like that they try to offer me a $600 item prior to I even access my first purchase!

About The Home builder 2.0.

This is landing page structure software application they try to offer you after you purchase your $47/month membership. Why must I pay $600 for this when I might buy Thrive Architect for $67. That's a fantastic landing page home builder that integrates with WordPress, indicating you can host your site ANYWHERE. There are lots of other landing page plugins for WordPress also. With Home builder 2.0, you are required to host at Clickbank, so you're stuck to them for life!
earnings gushing advertising.

Bleh. Please. Buzz like this is ridiculous.

Inside Clickbank University 2.0 Members Location.

screenshot inside cbu members location consisting of 5 areas of the website.

Inside CBU 2.0, you'll see there are a few tabs. In order to get access to all the lessons, you have to submit a kind and request it. Otherwise, the lessons are drip-fed on a schedule. The primary training is going to be the "vendor" training. You'll discover how to create a consumer avatar, established a landing/sales page and funnel, getting your product on Clickbank, then scaling your company. Each area of the training has a number of videos, and they range for 3-25 minutes long.

There's a ton of content, so Clickbank University deserves the rate if your are producing your first item and attempting to find out how to offer it online!

Clickbank University 2.0 Vendors Lesson List.

You'll likewise have access to the Clickbank University Online Forum, where you can get in contact with other members, and exchange concepts. The online forum part of the program has actually enhanced considerably in the previous 3 years. It's still not nearly as active as my # 1 suggested affiliate training program, however the material is a lot more concentrated on product creators, rather than product affiliates. So, my initial review of Clickbank U. still remains the very same: It's a good place for product creators, but affiliate training is just type of an add-on bonus.

Are you simply starting your very first online service and not sure whether you wish to be an item developer or affiliate? Personally, I choose being an affiliate. It's not as attractive as owning your own product, however I think it gets much closer to the concept of passive earnings. Have a look at how affiliate marketing develops passive earnings much better than any other kind of company.

What I Liked About Clickbank University (Upgraded).

The primary training center focuses on product creation, which is various from most other "make money" systems that I review. Product production can be an extremely profitable online company if you produce a high quality product( s) and can drive traffic to your website. (They did add an affiliate area, which I'm going to cover below. ).

You can make more cash if you have an excellent e-mail series for email marketing, and even MORE cash if you have good rewards for affiliates to start doing the selling for you.

I didn't enjoy all the videos readily available to me, however the ones I saw were really honest, high quality, and supplied genuine insight into how online marketing works. I saw a few about how to consider a product to offer, how to drive traffic to your website, and the fundamentals of how affiliate marketing works on Clickbank.

There is a lots of details to read, so if you join Clickbank University, you'll have plenty to keep you hectic. Beginners will absolutely gain from training, in addition to low-intermediate to intermediate level online marketers. I think if you have experience and have simply not discovered luck with your previous projects, you may find the details pretty standard, and may only gain from later training modules (which I was not able to view).

Great Deals Of High Quality Lessons.

There are weeks and weeks of lessons within CBU. They are a mix of face-to-face video, plus over the shoulder video. There's also a downloadable written portion (green arrow in the image listed below) where you can see standard highlights from the video portion. Though I like video, composed stuff is easier to evaluate. No requirement to enjoy a 20 minute video once again to just get a refresher!

Website Contractor (Home Builder 2.0).

Originally I protested the Site Contractor due to the fact that I assumed it was simply another CMS like WordPress. Regrettable they actually didn't make it clear in the primary sales video. I avoided all the upsell scrap due to the fact that I actually dislike the upsell process that a lot of business force us through. However, after investigating it a bit, I think it could be beneficial for product developers. Having a pre-set funnel method and landing page builder could help some newbies remain on track.

It can even help you build your subscription location, and other aspects of your business utilizing a cookie-cutter design program. That will save you a great deal of time, particularly as a novice!

This is a way to help you produce a site for your own item that essentially incorporates with Clickbank to make offering this item easier. I think this is a cool concept, and for folks wanting to create their own digital item, this would be a beneficial investment. But remember, you're now paying $47/month for CBU members location ($ 564 per year), PLUS $594 for the home builder. Your yearly cost of organisation operation just jumped to over $1,000. Likewise, bear in mind that this may lock your site into their builder, so if you choose to alter to outdoors hosting at some time, I'm not sure how that procedure goes.

If you are severe about developing and offering your own digital products online, you need to prepare yourself for such an investment. It's still a million times less expensive than a brick and mortar service, however not as cheap as being an affiliate.

More Active Neighborhood!

When I first evaluated Clickbank University, I was extremely important of their support group and community. Many questions were unanswered, and emails were not reacted it. It was a ghost town. Nevertheless, 3 years later on, it appears like things have actually gotten a bit.

It's still not a growing neighborhood of instantaneous responses and fixes to issues, but it's significantly enhanced. You can see from screenshots listed below that there are new concerns posted nearly daily, and that there are several answers per thread. Some people react in quite a lot of detail. Experienced members are helping newbies, and people are exchanging info to help enhance each others' companies. Awesome!

Frequency of Concerns and Number of Actions.

Example of In-Depth Response.

Example of Expert Assisting a Beginner.

Weekly Q&A Webinars.

Now, consisted of with your membership, are weekly webinars for asking questions. I am going to go to one this week to see how it goes, and report back when I have more information.
YouTube Advertisements Crash Course + Copywriting Course.

This is another portion of the training that will teach you how to market your product and/or website with YouTube advertisements. On top of that, there's a brief guide for discovering how to compose ad copy. These are not substantial, however they are consisted of in your "library", and can assist you get traffic to your landing page.

What Clickbank University Might Enhance.

More Examples Of Products And Affiliate Sites.

The hardest thing for somebody getting going is finding out what to offer, whether they are an item creator or affiliate. It would be fantastic if Clickbank invested a long time revealing websites and products that are doing an excellent job. I understand this can be tough, considering that numerous item and website creators don't desire their hard work copied by a bunch of trainees! Nevertheless, examples of effective business owners doing the very same thing you're doing would benefit inspiration.

More Traffic Examples.

Traffic is the body and soul of an organisation. Without traffic, you simply aren't going to earn money online, no matter what you're selling or what company design you're using. There is a totally separate tab for traffic in the members area, so I had high expectations. Nevertheless, it's restricted to a few videos about Facebook Advertising, then some stuff about Instagram.

What about Facebook pages?
What about natural search traffic through Google and Bing?
What about paid ad areas?
What about other social networks platforms?
What about content production? Blogging? Keywords?

They might do a LOT more with the traffic section of their site, although I think you might ask concerns about this things in their weekly Q&A Webinars.

More Focused Webinars.

The webinars are great, and it's good that you can ask any question you desire. However, they are not extremely organized. I listened to one from August, which was just an audio recording with a lot of random concerns. I think if they had a weekly subject that was concentrated on a portion of constructing an online organisation, then it would be easier to search through the topics to discover things that interest you. How are we expected to make the most of these webinar recordings when they are all just random subjects from the whole world of internet marketing?

At the minimum, some kind of records and tagging system revealing which subjects were covered would help, and make these webinars better, particularly for somebody like myself who has a little more experience online.

I likewise participated in a current webinar (Sept 2017), and much of the content was newbie questions about how to handle time and how to get started. Those will be fascinating for a real rookie who's simply curious about internet marketing, but for somebody looking to do something about it, I saw very little "instruction". The huge bulk of the webinar was just looking at a static screen (CBU members location).

What I didn't Like About CBU.

I have actually considerably reduced the variety of things I previously did not like about this item. There used to be several problems with upsells, absence of assistance, and problem with the members location. I've erased about 1,000 words of material on this page as of late 2017 just because they repaired the issues. No item is best though!

Are Locked Modules Actually for My Advantage? (Updated).

Obviously a lot of individuals grumbled about the locked training, due to the fact that it appears to be more opened now. You can resolve weeks 1-3 without any special gain access to. Nevertheless, to unlock the rest of the training, you have to send them an email.

To me, this seems troublesome. Formerly, they attracted us with a yearly membership in order to open all the training, which was a total insult. So their current setup is a huge improvement. Their thinking is that by locking the training you can keep individuals on track in the lessons and not avoid ahead.

However, I still think I'm wise enough to figure out what to do myself. I'm an adult, not a 5-year-old. Just gim me the lessons male.

Previous Criticism!

Clickbank University began as very average item. It did not live up to the hype, although I believed it was good. There were 2 specific things that pissed me off, so I wish to leave them here.

# 1: Their affiliate manager wrote me an email to ask me to eliminate criticisms from my evaluation, including my remarks about support concerns and neighborhood activity. However, when I reacted with some follow up concerns, they did not react. OK, I guess I was right.

# 2: I went to an "instructional" webinar from Clickbank (March 2, 2015) just to see what they were teaching and if the quality had actually enhanced. I was sorely dissatisfied in what I saw. The webinar was merely a marketing tool to sign up to Clickbank, and nothing was actually taught at all.

In reality, they invested about the very first 10 minutes of the webinar informing us how it's limited seating and if we leave we can't get back in. It actually stank of the 'incorrect shortage' that experts love to utilize.

The most absurd part is that is had to do with setting objectives for 2015, but the date they introduced it was in March. Um men, you're 2 complete months too late. I had gotten other notices of webinars in the past, so I don't understand if they are just recycling the exact same webinar every number of weeks, or what.

The whole thing was truly chaotic and uninformative. Horwitz and Atlan bumbled through a powerpoint (showing us their notes, removing some of the movie magic), and spit out a bunch of typical scrap about "do not be a servant to the male", and "live a life of monetary flexibility". A few of these strategies were poor attempts as marketing mind control by informing us to say things to ourselves like "I need to take control of my life!".

Truly, truly poor quality stuff men. I can't say if this is reflective of the webinars inside the CBU community, however this one was a real turn-off.

Affiliate Marketing Training at CBU.

Regrettably, the affiliate training inside Clickbank University is simply not very good. It's most likely worth a $97 one-time cost, but not a recurring commission. There's no interaction! Why should I be paying a monthly cost for something fixed like videos?

Plus, the kicker, is that the videos are at least 2 years old without updates. They reference a site called Elance, which was combined into a minimum of 2 years ago. So the videos are old.

Don't get me incorrect, the majority of the information inside the affiliate training is excellent for newbies. There's great deals of information about how affiliate marketing works, what an e-mail list is, and how your "funnel" collaborates with your list, and helps you make sales. There's numerous videos. Supposedly it's an 8-week course, but I believe a motivated individual might end up in 2 weeks.

The main thing this whole area is missing is detailed lessons. Yes, we require a list, however how do we register to Aweber or Mailchimp? What are the differences? Yes, we require a squeeze page, but can you reveal me some examples? There's a lot of telling us how stuff works, but I desired more showing of how things works.

I likewise discovered that they referenced the most "popular" product in Clickbank, a woodworking item which has actually been outed as a scam. Regrettably, it seems that Clickbank hasn't really tidied up their act in terms what kind of products they permit on their platform.

Likewise, understand that they stress creating a squeeze page, then only review paid traffic approaches like Facebook Advertisements and Instagram Shoutouts. First of all, Facebook is really rigorous about squeeze pages. I had numerous denied since they were "generate income plans" (their words, not mine), so a basic page talking about how to "earn money online" will not pass their moderators. Will the same be true with health/fitness pages?

In general, this was not a great set of trainings. It was worth a listen, however there are far better affiliate training and traffic generation products out there.

Final Review.

Clickbank University is an excellent item that deserves the monthly membership expense of $47/month. I believe that for someone wanting to develop and promote their own digital information item through Clickbank, this is most likely going to be your finest financial investment. If you are an "professional" in something and want to generate income off of your understanding, now's the time to begin!

However, I do not like their marketing technique of "upsells", and the affiliate training was lacking compared to likewise priced items.

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