Business Travel Management Agencies: Facilitating Hassle-Free Travel for Corporates

by Pankaj Mittal Digital Marketing - SEO, SEM, SMO (Free & Paid))

Today corporates and businesses benefit much more from business travel management companies than before. From arranging for travel to hotel accommodation and even suggesting travel policies etc., they play a very important role in ensuring hassle free business travel.

From being known as travel agents to becoming business travel management companies was a process which involved a lot of changes, updations, increase in the work profile and much more. Consequently today these companies have become indispensible where corporate travel is concerned. The efficiency with which these companies manage all aspects of corporate travel has made them so valuable to corporates that they are even called in to offer advice on cost and time effective travel while formulating travel policies.

The main aim of these companies has thus shifted from catering to the occasional leisure travel requirements to providing a system for travel which involves:

·         Ticket bookings: Irrespective of the mode of travel, these agencies are well-equipped to cater to all types of ticket bookings. Typically using a GDS or Global Distribution System, these travel management companies or TMCs, as they are commonly known, are able to cater to air, marine and road ticket booking requirements as and when required by the corporates. In fact they specialize in ticket bookings at short notice which is of great help to the corporate traveller who might have to move to a certain place with just a few hours notice.

·         Hotel reservations: With global business travel receiving a huge boost post globalization, both the hospitality and the travel industries have managed to capitalize on it by forming alliances with each other. Consequently TMCs are able to negotiate better rates than a corporate where hotel bookings are concerned which ultimately benefits the corporates.

·         Insurance: Global travel generally involves travel insurance per traveller. This is valid only for the duration of the travel and is a mandatory requirement for travelling abroad. TMCs, today, even have facilities wherein this mandatory requirement can also be taken care of.

·         Statutory compliances: Passport making, obtaining travel visa, ensuring compliance with any other statutory requirements, obtaining the boarding pass etc., are all looked after by the dedicated travel manager allotted to individual corporates. Thus for the corporate employee, global travel becomes as simple as local travel.

·         Venue sourcing: There are several occasions wherein exhibitions, road shows and other events are organized by corporates either in the cities where they are located or in other cities. In such instances the TMCs have also been involved in venue sourcing and ensuring group travel arrangements.

·         Transportation: This is, perhaps, the most important aspect of Global travel wherein travellers need to travel to different places for business purposes or to their hotels etc., after they land up at their destination. This transportation to and from the airport or hotel or even business venue and even leisure is completely looked after by the TMC travel manager assigned. In fact the car rental industry, by virtue of its association with the TMCs has benefitted greatly with increased business coming their way. In this instance also the TMCs are able to command better rates than what a corporate dealing directly with the car hire companies is able to negotiate. This is because of the volume of the business that these car hire companies get from the TMCs who have a number of corporates as their clients.

·         Meets and greets: There are times when corporates have important guests and higher management personnel coming over for visits and need to be met and escorted from the airport. TMCs also provide this service as part of the travel policy that they have for their corporate clients. 

There are many other ancillary services which are also offered for global corporate travellers like foreign exchange, hotel bill backs, meal requests, personal travel etc. The popularity of these corporate travel management companies is also due to the availability of round-the-clock dedicated assistance which makes it possible for the global traveller to have a risk-free, hassle free corporate tour.

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