Building services: The components of the building services and the management

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In a lot of innovation and technological era, the high rise and skyscrapers building are commonly seen. The huge building or tower has multiple component integrated that demand for maintenance. There are companies that provide the building services in north Somerset. The services also possess too many expertise for maintenance from different discipline of studies.

Building Management System

It’s a daily routine work where teams are monitoring the building equipment functions through computer. The complete control of the BMS is optimized and adjustable to maintain the performance. The data is received in pictorial and visuals making it more user friendly. A report is also generated and in case of failure, the alarms or alerts are rung.

Energy generation, distribution and supply

The energy is produced in different form to supply the building. The generators and transmission requires maintenance. There are different types of energy producing technique:

1.       Furnace Oil generators

2.       Thermal power generation

3.       Hydroelectricity

4.       Biomass power generation

5.       Solar panel

6.       Wind power

Any of the producing technique require engineers for building services in north Somerset. The technical department is deployed every time.

Escalators and lifts

A lift is a vertical transportation between the building floors to bypass the stairs. It’s used in multi-storey buildings to have an ease for the people. Lifts are also used for evacuation and firefighting purposes. On the other hand, escalator are mechanical machine also transports vertical but it only move to the next level and only moves in a single direction.

Facade engineering

The vertical face of the building is known as façade. Developing a high quality façade improves energy efficiency and durability of the building. The face of building needs to have attraction.

Fire safety, detection and protection

There are various equipment to prevent from fire and detection to evacuate the people inside.

·         Smoke detector

·         Heat alarm

·         Ionization smoke alarm

·         Sprinkles

Information Technology and communication

The significant component for BMS to communicate for the storage, retrieval, transmittal and manipulating data to manage according to the requirement, if needed.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

This section deals with:

·         Regulate internal humidity

·         Regulate internal temperatures

·         Maintain internal air quality

It’s a central system of a building. It manages the above mentioned system that includes air handling units (AHU). The automated system simply calibrate the temperature so that the people inside don’t feel suffocated.


It includes the following apparatus:

·         HVAC

·         Cooling for industrial processes and refrigeration

Lightning protection

It protects the lights from getting short or fused. For example conductor cables and ground rods in the system keeps the light protected.

Security and alarm systems

The protection of physical apparatus and visitors is also important. Security has different components that includes:

·         CCTV

·         Access Control

·         Intruder alarm

·         Fire detection system

·         Perimeter security

·         Integrated systems

Water, drainage and plumbing

Sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) is efficiently designed by the engineers to manage the system so that it doesn’t cause seepage or any drainage problem. The work requires plumbing that involves typically pipes, valves and tanks.

1.       Cooling and heating

2.       Cold and hot water supply

3.       Water recovery and treatment plant

4.       Rainwater and subsurface water drain

5.       Waste removal

6.       Fuel gas piping


The extensively explained above components include in building services in north Somerset. Apart from the buildings or tower, the residencies also require the building services because a lot of things are installed in the home. The building services require specialists for the management and maintenance. Individual specialists are hired by different project management companies or contractors to tackle the cliental issues. For example, the electrical engineer will have command over lighting and electrical wiring, the power generation will be looked after power engineer and so on and so forth.

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