Building regulations and requirements that you need to respect

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Studying the law in your country before making any steps further regarding building works is absolutely paramount to make sure that the construction you are putting together follows the right track. This article will list the most important building regulations and requirements that you need to be aware of when starting to work on it. Even though these requirements may vary from one area to another, they are similar and the differences are minor. Here’s what you should know about this topic:

Documentation and approvals

First of all, you need to define the purpose of the building. Buildings can be meant to serve as business spaces or homes. Depending on your own project, you have to create a complete description of the purpose that the building has and define the standards that it will respect. Once you do that, you can start gathering the necessary approvals and documents so you can start the actual building process. These documents have to do with factors such as how resistant or stable the mechanical products used are, how safe the building project is, including hazard dangers, approvals regarding the hygiene and safety of the construction site itself, approvals related to protecting employees from noise and vibrations and energy-economy documents.

Lifting equipment

Lifting platforms, stair lifts and other lifting equipment should be prepared as mentioned in the Machinery Directive in your country’s building regulations and requirements. Depending on the characteristics that machinery has to comply with, you need to make sure that all UK telehandler hire you work with has professional employees for maneuvering them. Safety issues are very important when it comes to lifting equipment because it is a necessary part of the building process and can’t be skipped. Professional workers and companies must be hired according to the Lifts Directive requirements.

Heat generation and ventilation systems

Both industrial and non-industrials buildings have to contain complex plans for heat generation and ventilation. In terms of heating, the building must be approved for installing boilers (both water or steam), air-heating systems that is based on a certain fuel or other heating options. The heating systems must be correctly placed within the building so that it respects the regulations. There are a few systems that don’t require as much attention, such as the ones that are only based on electrical resistance heating, heat pumps and solid fuel heat generators.


Surveillance is another factor that must be covered in order to make sure that the building site is in good condition. First of all, hiring a professional team of constructors and purchasing quality construction products is a must. A person must have the role of surveillance the entire building site. Hiring a surveillance authority is also an option. In order to hire a person or company to deal with this task, you need to grant the person or persons in charge authority to access the entire building site. The surveillance authority will also make sure that no stealing is involved during the construction process.

Area of utilization

It is necessary to define the space of the building site and the utilization area. Everything that is above ground along with the ground itself must be separated into different areas of utilization. The easiest way to separate these areas is the following: the built area (both in numbers and percentage) and the usable area (both in numbers and percentage). These values are also known as BYA and BRA. They are calculated based on preset formulas that the person who created the building project must apply.

There are a few other areas that need to be considered as well, including the minimum outdoor area and the parking area. The MUA is usually necessary in industrial buildings. The same goes for parking areas. Even so, these can be included in building projects for houses as well. The values might differ from one country to another. The height of the building has to be considered as well. Buildings with unusual shape might need additional documents.

Acts of nature

There are several requirements that are directed towards protecting the building against acts of nature. Even though all structures are sited, events might occur and they can be unsafe for the people working on the site and for the building itself. The projects must be therefore protected through additional methods. These methods differ and you should get informed about them at the local institutions that deal with environmental issues. The risk is calculated by using the greatest nominal annual probability for a certain act of nature and its impact in percentages. The weather can also affect the machinery used. For instance, if you use a UK forks telehandler hire company it’s best to get advised by professionals who know how machinery must be handled in though weather conditions. 

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