Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth For A Good Overall Health

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‘Dog grooming’ is a collective term in itself that includes a whole lot of activities. You are required to take care of its outer body including coat, skin, eyes, ears and even teeth. In this, the proper care of your dog’s teeth is utmost important as it could be a base of many critical disease. Probably, you might offer two or three meals a day to your dog but forget that amidst these, your dog could always have a go on the kibbles and treats which are offered many times a day. When the oral ingestion of food is in excess, the food that sticks to the teeth is also generally increased. Stay connects with us for latest pet grooming tips!

An astonishing fact from the vets all over the world reveals that almost 80 percent of dogs suffer due to teeth and mouth diseases after the age of 3. These could include troubles such as red and swollen gums, blood in the gums, foul breath, discolored teeth and excessive buildup of plaque in the teeth. Therefore, it has to be made very sure that brushing habit is developed in the dogs so that they do not face problems in future regarding the health of their teeth. You should follow the following steps while you nurture a pet dog in your family:

Early start to the brushing habit:

Tooth troubles could arise at any point of time regardless of the age and body structure of the dog. Therefore, the brushing schedules for dog should begin as soon as the first teeth of the dog appear. Your juvenile pup may resist the idea and show its disagreement, but it is to be understood by the pet-keeper that brushing early would slowly become a good habit for the future.

Brushing should be a daily habit:

You might think twice about this but brushing your dog’s teeth every single day has huge benefits for its health. While on one hand the everyday sticking food could be brushed off, on the other hand your dog would learn the habit well and would not resist to the idea again. Always buy dog-friendly toothpaste for the dogs as human toothpastes could be significantly harmful for its health. Start with letting the dog taste the toothpaste and when it becomes acquainted with it, follow the necessary steps of brushing.

VOHC sealed teeth-brushing products:

VOHC stands for Veterinary Oral Health Council which marks pet products such as dog toothpastes and toothbrushes etc. While purchasing the products, always have a look at the VOHC seal that says ‘Controls Plaque’.

Dog foods that support teeth health:

The dry food for dogs is a great supporter of their dental health. These kibbles have the capability to clean the dog teeth while they themselves do not stick to them. You could facilitate the use of these products in the daily diet of dogs so as to keep their teeth healthy.

Regular dental checkups:

It might not be visible from outside but dog’s teeth could contain some critical elements that harm the teeth drastically. Therefore, plan a regular schedule to visit a dog-teeth specialist. This would prohibit any chances of them being infected with perilous disorders.

A little care from the pet-keeper’s side could keep off the diseases in the teeth and also offer them a future healthy life free of body-affecting disorders. 

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