Britain’s Record Hot Spring of 1893 — Global Warming or Solar Activity?

by Rudy P. SysAdmin at howtofindthemoney
Britain’s spring of 1893 was the hottest and driest on record. Any crops that had taken quickly shriveled and wilted, huge wildfires broke out across heaths and woodlands, and vast plagues of wasps swarmed in mid-May.

The month of April, 1893 was dominated by high pressure — the first half was plagued by harsh nighttime frosts with lows of -5C (23F) but by the second half, the mercury had cranked phenomenally high with maximums regularly breaching 25C (77F).

Cambridge recorded 25.6C on April 19th, 28.9C on the 20th, and 27.8C on both the 24th and 25th, whilst 28.1C was recorded at Ross-on-Wye on April 21st — with all these standing as record daily highs to this day.

That pattern, of a frigid first half of the month followed by a hot second, has been repeated in April 2019. The difference nowadays being that we’re no longer allowed to think of it as ‘weather’, it is instead listed as evidence in favour of the calculated cult that is ‘Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming’.

But for those whose brain is their own, there is another explanation out there — solar activity.

The sun has just gone through it’s weakest solar cycle in over 100 years. And when flipping back through the sunspot record, for which we have over 400 years of data, it’s startling how similar the cycle we’re currently exiting (24) is compared to the cycle exited back in 1893 (12):

Research (Mikhaël Schwander, et al, 2017) reveals low solar activity weakens the jet stream, reverting its usual tight zonal flow (west to east) to a looser, wavier meridional flow (north to south) — this affect is exaggerated further during a Grand Solar Minimum, like the one we’re entering now, and explains why regions become unseasonably hot or cold and others unusually dry or rainy, with the extremes lasting for an extended period of time.

And while Britain bakes in April 2019, much of Southern and Eastern Europe, as well as North Africa, are experiencing well-below average temperatures — with rare spring snow falling in Morocco.

I have faith that the world is waking up to the AGW ruse, albeit slowly — there are far more logical explanations to an ever-changing climate, and ones where fear, control, higher taxes and globalisation aren’t required.

It’s also dangerous to ignore the other side of the debate. Because when studying past solar cycles, they actually reveal quite the opposite to the sizzling sphere AGW alarmists groundlessly preach is due.

We all enjoyed the modern solar maximum while it lasted (cycles 15 to 23) and human civilisation thrived, as it always has done during times of constant warmth. But our climate is cyclic, never linear and natural global warming has come to an end — welcome to the return of the Grand Solar Minimum:

Source: Electroverse

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