Bring out your favorite Halloween character to life with special effect contact lenses

by Rhonda R. Eckert Halloween and Colored Contact Lenses

Special effect contact lenses are better than any other eye makeup or accessory. Not only they can change your eye color but can completely transform your eyes. They are an ideal choice for Halloween, theatrical and novelty purposes. These lenses can help you enhance the costume and the look your desire. 

These special effect contact lenses are completely opaque, hiding your natural eyes color. The center of the lens is kept clear so that the wearer can see clearly through them. All of these lenses can be manufactured digitally (painted by a computer) or hand painted. The most beautiful lenses are the hand painted ones as they have intricate and clear detail. However, the prices of the hand painted contact lenses are much higher than the mass produced digital ones. Also, if you have some unique design in your mind, you can get them custom-made

They are available in endless varieties such as red or black spirals, cat eyes, snake eyes, wolf eyes, bloodshot eyes, vampire, avatar, zombie, white out and black sclera contacts and many more.    

Types of Halloween special effect contact lenses

They can be basically categorized in two major types:

Round contact lenses; like all the conventional contact lenses they cover only the colored part of the eyes.

Scleral contact lenses; they cover the complete visible portion of the eyes and do not leave even the white portion. There are mini-sclera contact lenses as well that are larger than the round shaped contact lenses but some white is still visible at the corner of the eyes.   

How safe they are?

These lenses are safe and comfortable to wear if you choose the right one for yourself. Make sure to buy the contact lenses of quality and well-known brands only. Most of the popular brands produce lenses from top quality materials so that they feel comfortable in the eyes and do not cause any irritation. While using a properly fitted lens, you will not feel the lens at all in your eyes. 

To avoid all the problems such as infection, irritation, dry eyes etc., it is mandatory that you follow the proper cleaning and disinfecting routine. Never share your contact lenses with anyone. As the day goes on, these lenses might feel less comfortable as they can’t be as thin like other clear contact lenses. The opaque color layer adds extra thickness restricting them to pass enough oxygen to the eyes. It is recommended not to wear them for longer than 8 hours and make sure to never sleep in them.

Give your Halloween costume a new lease of life by using theatrical crazy contact lenses. And when it comes to buying top-class special effect contact lenses, look no further than Lenses Sclera. They bring a huge array of spooky contacts that will let you resurrect the dead-like look.

Their complete collection of special effect contacts comes in diverse colors. By using their contact lenses, you will easily stand out of the crowd in any of your upcoming costume events. Yes, their Halloween eye contacts are the scariest contact lenses you will ever buy. Go through the entire range that they offer and check out the sort of stuff they are selling to buyers like you.  

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