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The process of commercial brewing has been since the 16th century. Brewing is the process of preparing beer using a commercial setup. Basic ingredients of beer are water and fermented starch, such as barley. There are many starch sources. The most commonly used starch for the beer is called grist, grain bill, which is got from ground cereal. There is a systematic procedure to perform brewing process. They are malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and packaging. Out of all these steps, fermentation is given the most importance. It is of three types: cool, warm, and spontaneous. Traditional systems took a very long time in the production process.

To make the process easier, commercial beer making equipment is introduced. This consists of machines that do all the operations which are pre-installed to these types of equipment. It is automatic and reduces human effort. The equipment consists of various parts to make the brewing process systematic. Out of all, mashing system is the most important part of the commercial beer making equipment. Let’s take a look at the entire procedure of brewing using the commercial beer making equipment.


  • In this system, the well water is allowed to go into the mashed barley, and additional sugar and other starch are added. This is done on a batch processor.
  • After it is done, the mixture is moved from mash tun to lauter tun.
  • Here, a liquid is used. This is mixed well with the previously prepared solid and liquid mixture, which flows to the bottom and then pumped to the top until a green layer is formed at the bottom of the mixture.
  • This acts as a natural filter that removes all the unwanted ingredients in the mixture.
  • This flavored liquor is then poured over into a boil kettle.
  • In this kettle, the liquor is boiled, and hops are added to it to add a bitter flavor to it, which you normally taste in a beer.
  • This, in turn, is transferred to a whirlpool container, which nicely swirls it and is sent to a heat exchanger, and the temperature is checked and filtered and sent to a fermenting tank.
  • Here, the liquor is kept at a temperature of about 60-70 degrees, and another ingredient called yeast is added. As soon as yeast is added, the fermentation process starts instantly.
  • The main ingredients in the fermentation process are carbon dioxide and alcohol, which gets separated in which alcohol gets trapped in the containers, and carbon dioxide escapes from the top of the container. Alcohol is trapped because there is a natural airlock that is set up at the bottom of each of the containers.
  • This is kept under constant observation for about 5-10 days. Within this period, the yeast settles down and conditions the liquor. Additional yeast extracted might be shifted to farmers.
  • After ten days of conditioning and fermentation, a beer called flat beer is obtained. This is then moved through bottom tanks to centrifuged filter in a barrel room. This process is important as it removes any solids present in the beer. It also helps produce a uniform product.
  • Once all of this is done. The carbonation process is done using a brite tank that produces carbonated beer. This is then transferred to clean and sanitized tanks using pipes from the carbonated tanks. 


And phew! The beer is ready to be packaged, palletized, and shipped. Glass bottles are preferred, and even before filling the beer into it, gravity drying is performed in which the bottles are flipped upside down and sprayed with a sanitizing solution.


Now, you must be wondering if these are the compulsory equipment to be used for commercial beer making. No! Commercial beer making equipment can either be two vessel brew house, three vessel brew house, and a four vessel brew house. Let us talk about each of them.

  • Two vessel brew house is the best equipment if you need a simple and cost effective beer making setup. It will greatly help you save space and cost by integrating mash tun, lauter tun, and whirlpool into two vessel container. 
  • Three vessel brew house equipment helps provide faster brewing solution. It also provides better temperature control. 
  • Four vessel brew house provides a professional and high quality beer. This will consume a lot of space, and you can choose this if you want to set up a large scale business of beer. You can use it to prepare for multiple batches per day with high performance assurance. 


All the equipment is made out of stainless steel, which is regarded as the toughest material on an industrial basis. This is used in hotels, restaurants, offices, and other public places. The containers capacity is 1500 liters. To buy the equipment and to know more visit,

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