Blue Blockers Will Provide You Great Relief From Blue Light

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

Did you know that many experts believe too much exposure to blue light is one of the biggest health risks today?  Yes, it is true. Nowadays we have increased our exposure to blue light by using devices like smartphones, LED lights and television. Studies reveal that too much exposure interferes with circadian rhythm and decreases the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. And the solution is wearing blue light glasses.

The blue blockers not only popular today but are from many years. In sixties and seventies, it was common to wear glasses with rose, purple, amber and other colored lenses.  Apart from looking cool, they also protected eyes. These glasses are regaining popularity because the healthcare experts are encouraging people to wear them while using different devices like computer, smartphones or while watching television. Research suggests that too much exposure to this light can even cause permanent damage to eyes.  You might have felt digital eye strain from staring at a computer screen for a longer period of time. All day long, we are busy checking our emails on a smartphone or playing video games and watching TV in leisure time. All these activities can have a negative impact on your eyes.

Our eyes are not made for today’s digital world. Our eye’s cornea and lens are not good at filtering blue light from reaching our retina. With the passage of time, this can result in the damage to its light-responsive cells. As we grow old, this harm can make us more prone to diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts. Children are more prone to blue light exposure as their eye lens are even more transparent than adults.  This permits more blue light to pass through.   There is a scientific explanation why these rays are damaging. These rays have a shorter wavelength and disperse in the eye, decreasing the contrast and making it difficult to focus. So, with time, our eyes begin to feel more tired and develop issues like blurred vision, headache, and pain in and around the eye and sometimes, even double vision.

Apart from wearing blue blockers, you should also ensure to follow a healthy routine. You should expose yourself to natural daylight and avoid using digital devices two to three hours before bedtime. Following a healthy routine along with wearing a pair of blue blockers will help you protect your eyes. 

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