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Biometric attendance systems have brought more precise ways of monitoring the employee’s attendance and an individual’s activity in the organization. This type of system is mainly useful in large organizations and business firms where the management has to deal with a large number of employees and monitor their duties and responsibilities.

Biometrics is the most ensured and precise strategies for gathering participation information, be it any industry. All methods of monitoring attendance and performance prior to this technology ended up in excessive and unreasonable tedious activities for the management and the HR team. They would initially need to check, regardless of whether the information gathered is exact and accurate and afterward experience the extensive procedure of circulating compensation to workers. These methods of attendance posed a lot of difficulty and challenges for the firm.

How do biometric attendance systems work?
Biometric Attendance System catch your one of a kind organic/physical/biological element, for example, your hand fingerprints or unique mark, iris design and even your voice as a record for personality check and verification. It enables you to perform something that you are approved and authorized to do by your employee.

What makes a biometric attendance system more effective?
The right attendance system creates the positive environment among the employees as it can ensure that people are coming on time. The regular biometric systems are used only for payslip generation as managers cannot see the real time attendance data any time they want.

Though there are lots of solutions available in the market, we have tested various products and based on the research we’ve gathered, only a select few could make it to the top. One of them is CuckooTech. Their biometric attendance systems have a curated patent technology as it is an independent gamified time attendance system, with biometric attendance sensors that are installed on the cloud that monitors real-time data, and is great at handling multi-location, shift-planning, geo-location demands.

The Attendance Software has been successfully stress-tested by some of the most challenging HR managers, in industries, like Retail, Hospitality, manufacturing, and production.

At CuckooTech, push technology is utilised that transfers data to the cloud as and when it happens. This type of technology helps to capture the real-time performance of employees. As it helps to monitor their data, it alerts the employer as to when the employee has checked in to the job, the activities he does and his whereabouts.

Some of the advantages of the biometric attendance software are:

Real-time information: As cuckooTech is based on push-based technology systems, so all of the biometric data of the employee is pushed and transferred to the cloud directly. The transfer of this data is instantaneous.
Increase in efficiency: Efficient Workforce and employee management systems.

Fake-Finger technology: Fingerprints are unique to all individuals. They fit the criteria as one cannot lose their fingerprints, they cannot be shared, and neither can they be forgotten or damaged in any way. Most of the biometric devices not only identify fingerprints, but they often get deviated and falsely led by fake fingerprints. The patent technology of CuckooTech uses multiple recognition features such as algorithms and infrared lights to identify the fingerprints thus eliminating the fake ones.

Gamification: This system gamifies the entire process and makes it more engaging for the employees. It reduces the stress levels of the workers. With each correct attendance, the employees receive awards for adherence to rules. These points can be later redeemed for more rewards and coupons. It motivates them to work more and enhances their engagement as a team.

Absence of specialised software: No extra software is to be installed on the client’s side.

SAP integration: The biometric tech comes with various API and web-enabled services which integrate seamlessly with ERP solutions. The Sap and cuckootech go hand in hand with different types of ERP software.

Secure: Zero data leakage as all of the information and employee data is instantaneously pushed to the private attendance cloud. It uses ADIS which works as the ultimate artificial intelligence solution to work according to situations and capture real-time data.

Final Words
There are many different types of technologies that have been created to cater to the needs of the people. At CuckooTech, only the best patent designs are curated to suit the needs of the organisation. The technology is successfully implanted in various firms and have only delivered the best results so far.

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