Best Ways To Reduce Web And Mobile App Development Costs

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Besides solving problems, one of the primary goals of all businesses is to generate higher revenues and attain steady market growth. Web and mobile app development companies are no different, and given the capricious and competitive market scenario, their challenges are even elevated. Amongst all the efforts made to achieve these goals, one that can have a positive and lasting effect is managing the app development cost.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of a website or mobile app development cost and some ways to reduce it.

What Impacts The Cost Of App Development?

The cost of mobile app development is a parameter that affects the entire software development process. Before beginning with the development, it is necessary to understand what impacts app development cost. Some of these factors include:

  • Application features

  • The tech stacks being used

  • Security architecture

  • Integrations and backend infrastructure

  • Maintenance requirements

It is crucial to acknowledge and ensure that in an effort to reduce this cost, there must be no ramifications on the quality of the application being developed.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Web And Mobile App Development While Keeping The Quality Up

As we discussed, the cost of app development consists of more than one aspect. Many times, reducing costs without any careful planning can work adversely for organizations. It takes detailed research and planning to get qualitative results. Here are some of the tips that we have found helpful over the years of experience in this sphere. 

  1. Meticulous Project Scope Definition

The first thing that we always prefer initiating a software development project with is meticulous research. Once the client approaches us with an idea for a digital solution, what follows is studying the client requirements, market trends, competitors, feasibility study of the proposed idea, etc. This research helps define the exact features that are to be included in the software. At the end of this activity, we have a carefully crafted scope of the software and the vision for creating it. Having this information documented in the earlier stages of project initiation does not let things go haywire during the following app development stages and save costs on unnecessary tasks or roadblocks.

  1. Customized App Development As Per Scope

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to app development. Every project can have different requirements and must be carried forward with an appropriate strategy. We suggest going by the project scope is the best approach possible. After understanding the market segment, validating the idea and user requirements, and getting a well-defined scope, the next step is to ascertain the right way to follow it. Based on the market and client requirements, decide how the project should be managed, what tech stacks would be appropriate for building it, how long it will take to complete, etc. This step is also a part of the project planning stage, and it aims at removing every foreseeable hurdle in the development process.

     3. Robust Prototyping

Another way to ensure building a successful app is to create better and clickable prototypes. Much of the re-work can be saved if the prototype of a project is built robust as per the scope of the project. It gives a clearer understanding of the usability of an app. Also, involving the client during this stage will allow them to add their suggestions and ask for changes early on. Changing features and UI of the app in later stages will result in an increased timeline and higher costs of website development.

    4. Building A Minimum Viable Product

Reducing the mobile app development cost is also possible by creating and launching a minimum viable product (MVP) first. Before building the full-scale software and putting in numerous hours, it is logical to identify the unique features of an application that must be there in the MVP and then build on it. Once the MVP is ready, it can be rolled out for user experience tests. The next steps can be decided based on the user reviews. Investing in only building an MVP first helps save the time of developing an entire application.

     5. Flexible App Development Approach

Keeping the app development approach flexible is also key to reducing the costs involved. The scope of the project management should include room for changes. When building a web or mobile app from scratch, adopting the agile methodology for software project management can help ensure the required flexibility to reduce repetitive work. Here, the whole project gets divided into small sprints, and multiple developer teams can work on it simultaneously without being dependent on others. The client is included in the review at every stage, and they can ask for changes when required. At the same time, developers also have the flexibility to add or remove practical features. This flexible approach impacts the cost of application development in the long run and ensures delivering an impeccable software product.

How GeekyAnts Helps Clients Reduce The App Development Cost?

At GeekyAnts - an app design and development studio, we strive to innovate quality digital transformation solutions that are also cost-effective. We help and encourage our clients to research and plan as much as possible before commencing with the app development process. This helps define the scope of the project well in advance and saves any last-moment surprises that may increase the time and cost of development.

Also, we focus on refining the business app development requirements to ascertain the must-have features. Building a minimum viable product (MVP) first with the most crucial features and then allowing businesses to assess the success of their software platform also allows us to cut back on the cost required to develop a mobile or web app.

This article was written by Charmy Dafda, Technical Content Writer at GeekyAnts. It was originally published on GeekyAnts Blog : Best Ways To Reduce Web And Mobile App Development Costs .

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