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Smiling is a great way to make interactions with people. It makes communication with others easy. To avail this advantage there is no alternative to white teeth. As a result, a lot of people all over the world of all nations and countries are searching for the best methods for whitening teeth. Teeth whitening kits is one of the best methods for this purpose. The article will describe to you the best whitening kits.

Whitening pen 

This is one of the most useful kits for whitening teeth. In the kits, the gel is worked as a whitening agent. Most of them contain carbamide, activated carbon or charcoal, hydrogen peroxide, etc. All these agents work against the stains on the enamel of teeth. Using the pen, the gel is applied on the teeth surface and is kept for a minimum of 30 mins only.


This is the most common cleaning agent used in most teeth whitening kits. The strength of the gel depends on the number of cleaning chemicals in it. Carbamide, Carbamide peroxide, activated carbon, chloride compounds, hydrogen peroxides are the most effective cleaning agents which work to remove stains from teeth. Buy a gel after seeing the strength of the gel.

Teeth whitening strips

The manufacturers have also developed strips for teeth whitening. In this type of kit, there is a layer of gel to the inner side of it. The protection layer on the gel part is removed and the inner part of the strip is applied to the teeth by adjoining it to the jaws. After applying strips for an hour, it needs to clean the teeth with fresh warm water. 

Whitening toothpaste

This is a special type of paste that is formulated to clean teeth. Besides cleaning it makes the teeth whiter. Strong cleaning chemicals like carbamide, peroxides, chloride compounds, etc are used in it. The dentist advises people to use the paste twice a day. A specially designed toothbrush is used for brushing teeth with this paste. The prices of these kinds of toothpaste are relatively less than other kits. You can buy teeth whitening products and kits from litexoteeth. They have a large collection of products and kits for teeth whitening. 

Kits with LED light

Now the manufacturers are bringing all their teeth whitening products with the feature of LED lights. The use of LED lights in the kits increases the degree of cleaning and whitening process. It fastens the process. As a result, it takes less time, generally, the cleaning process takes only fifteen minutes to remove stains, germs, and food particles from the teeth. Regular use of teeth whitening kits with LED lights whitens teeth more effectively.


Who does not love his teeth? Everybody wants to have white teeth and they know regular brushing keeps teeth free from bad coloring. But only brushing can not remove stains from teeth. That's why it needs to whiten teeth with whitening gels, pastes, strips, or devices with LED lights.

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