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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
If you are looking for social media agencies in Mumbai then you need to read it further. So let's go up to the top and go to edit and then go down to preferences and then go over to units and rulers in select that button and then here you can see it says are units for our rulers are done in inches. And that's really not what digital marketing agency wants. Let's go ahead and click that and change that to pixels. And then whenever we're working with the properties or any information it'll be pixels.
Now if you're working for the print, of course, you might want to leave that two inches or select one of the metrics down here. We can leave everything else the same for now the type and the new document preset social media companies in mumbai resolutions and all of this. We'll just go ahead and leave that but we want to set that real lives to pixels and we'll head. OK. And then when we do you can see it's showing the dimensions pixels by pixels and that's what we created this document is. And at seventy-two pixels per inch.

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So we have our document created and set up ready to go. So now I just want to show you how you can select and change some options of some tools inside of Photoshop and how you can kind of get around the workspace as you begin working. So on the left-hand side, you will see our toolbar and we have a number of different tools. And by hovering over social media companies in mumbai these tools will give you the name. It will show you an actual example of the tool. And it will show the shortcut key that you can use. So this as the lasso tool with the shortcut key l makes freehand selections and then it gives you a little demonstration.
  • Now if you're not seeing the demonstration you might be using an older version of Photoshop. I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop S.C. two thousand and nineteen. So if we go down to the next one you can see this is the quick selection tool with a shortcut key w makes a selection by finding and following the edges in an image and then we can go down to some of these other ones maybe the type two horizontal type to shortcut key t adds horizontal type.
  • I highly recommend that you learn any shortcut keys that you can as you begin working in social media companies in mumbai on Photoshop. What's great about the Adobe platform is a lot of the shortcut keys are actually the same throughout different programs. So you will find similarities to the way that things work in different Adobe applications such as illustrator or maybe XY or in design.
  • So it's about midway down and it looks like a little paint brush and the icon and it says brush to paint custom broad brush strokes. Now you also see that there is a little arrow and that shows that there are more social media companies in mumbai options inside of this button this icon here.
  • If I click and hold down you will see not only do we have a brush tool but we also have a pencil tool a color replacement tool and a mixer brush tool and they all use the same shortcut key B so you can use B to cycle through these different tools.
  • Let's just start with the brush tool and you'll see that we have a little tiny circle. So whenever I pick a different tool you'll see that my icon changes if I pick the move tool you'll see a cursor with a little compass showing that we're in the move tool.

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I do a selection tool it'll look more like a target. And if I pick the brush tool you'll see it's a little circle it's an actual brush that we're going to paint with.Now we can change the options at the top under the options bar. So every tool has a different set of options. 
  1. For instance, if I select the selection tool those options change if I pick. Let's see. Let's pick that type of tool. You'll see that it changes to type options. So every one of these is going to have a different set of options up there. And this is where you can change them.
  2. So go ahead and pick the brush tool and you'll see that one of the social media companies in mumbai first options looks like a little circle with a number underneath it. This is actually your brush settings. If we click on this box it will show you the different brushes. So we have a size. We have hardness.
  3. We have different presets and a ton of different presets with icons that you can choose down here which is really great. So let's go ahead and change the size. So if you click this slider and you'll see sliders often in these programs these allow you to move values up and down very easily.
  4. So we can pick a different brush size if we hover over our document. We can see our circle has gotten bigger social media companies in mumbai because our brush size has gotten bigger. We can also click in this box and change an option.

So if we want to just type in two hundred it moves the slider automatically for us and we can have that bigger brush so we can just click outside of the document and then you can just click down and hold and start painting with a brush tool. Now if you want to undo this at any point you can go up to the top and go to edit you will see that there is an undo brush tool option with a shortcut key control Z or if you're using Mac OS it would be command Z. So we can select that and it will undo that for us.

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