Best Security dogs: Why They're Still Man's Best Fighting Friend

by Kindery Mills Kindery Mills

All good dogs love their owners unconditionally, and they watch your back. They will try to protect you even if your enemy is invisible and harmless. Protective and friendly dogs are excellent pets because they are your bodyguards. They are also like giant plush toys. Traditional guard dogs are also a part of this list, but they have a strong sense of loyalty. Naturally, they tend to be a bit more protective about their owners than other breeds. Regardless of the dog you choose, it is wise to train them. Otherwise, they may cause severe injuries if they lash out. So why do protection dog feel so much for their owners? Here are the reasons.

  1. A part of the family: You consider your dog to be a part of your family. Well, the pooch believes the same thing. It doesn't matter whether they grew up with you or joined your family as an adult. Indeed, a grown-up dog needs time to accustom itself to you. Then again, even the Best Security dogs can be amiable. They understand care as much as a human child.
  2. Proper treatment: Dogs are brilliant creatures. They know if their owner takes care of them or not. Understandably, the Best Security dogs feel the urge to return the favor if you care for them. Everybody is aware of the fact that dogs are loyal. However, this behavior of theirs comes from the instinct of self-preservation. They know if their owner is at risk, then their shelter and food arrangements are in danger too.
  3. Encouragement: You should encourage the behavior of the protective habit of a guard dog. Then again, you can't let them get out of hand with their nature. They may end up biting or attacking people who mean you no harm. Dogs may even snap at strangers when you take it out for a walk in the park. Therefore, you should put a check on the protective behavior of dogs.
  4. The effect of fear: Aggressive behavior and the will to fight come from fear. Even the most robust protective dogs feel fear, and they can try to find a solution with violence. You need your dog to be protective at the right moment. Properly trained dogs can assess the situation and determine the cause of a problem. Fearful dogs can attack anything and anybody. That is why you should stay away from pooches that are too doubtful.
  5. Changing techniques: Dogs can be overprotective towards their owners, and it is a fact. However, it can be a nuisance at a time because they may growl, bark, or even attack people. Of course, you want them to vent their anger on criminals or perpetrators. Though, their nature won't allow them to judge the good ones from the bad. They may growl at strangers first. If they don't feel fear, then the dog will start barking. If it doesn't deter the stranger, then the dog will attack.

Be careful

Owners feel proud of their overly protective canine buddies. Conversely, there is a point after which you have to watch out. They won't even hesitate to attack the child next door if he or she visits your house. Therefore, you should avoid encouraging overprotective instincts of dogs. They may love you, but you shouldn't allow that love to become an obsession.


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