Best Personal Protection Dogs - Why They're Still Family's Best Friend

by Kindery Mills Kindery Mills

If the protection standards of your home worry you, then you must know that you're not the only one. Hundreds and thousands of people have the same concern. According to reports generated by a national investigative agency, over one million crimes happened worldwide. This report is only five years old. The exponential rate at which crimes and criminal activities are increasing is indeed alarming. Some people hire guards from private security agencies while others keep firearms. Both of these measures have more cons than pros. Humans are prone to bribery while the use of a gun can lead to trouble with the authorities. That is why the best way to protect your family is to adopt a protection dog.

1.           Vicious breeds: Almost any medium or large dog breed can be a suitable guard dog. However, you need the Best personal protection dogs. A regular creature is much like a scout who can inform you about the situation. They may not be bold or robust enough to protect you. As a result, you have to select the right race of dogs. A German shepherd or a Rottweiler is the perfect example of a protection dog. Once properly trained, they become disciplined, obedient, and lovable animals.


2.        Friendly and gentle: Most guard dog breeds are menacing and vicious. They know that they are powerful, which in turn bolsters their confidence and willfulness. That is why proper training of these animals is mandatory. Best personal protection dogs receive the best training too. It allows them to be as gentle and lovable as any other pet dog. With the right training, the dog will try to scare away strangers and unwelcomed individuals. They will be affable when your neighbor, relatives, or friends arrive.


3.            Obedience training: It doesn't matter how many times you come across the word 'training' in this topic. It is of absolute necessity when it is about adopting a protection dog. As already mentioned, these creatures are willful and energetic. Without the right obedience training, they may not listen to you. Thankfully, you can adopt a pre-trained dog. After their training, they become amiable and friendly like most other pets.


4.             Quick response: Almost all dogs possess fast reflexes. However, protection dogs receive training which hones this ability of theirs. Protection dogs don't hesitate to ward off all threats, and they act swiftly. They will even react faster than any other dog if you ask them to do something.


5.              Exceptional loyalty: All dogs are loyal, and it is a fact known to all. However, dogs can also be too friendly with people. Protection dogs receive training from people who teach them to avoid doing the bidding of just any individual. The disciplinary actions it learns will allow it to listen to its owner and nobody else. Basically, the loyalty of a protection dog is a notch above the fidelity of any other dog.

More than pets

Having a pet animal at your home can lead to profound benefits. Though, the current situation of the world begs you to do more for yourself and your family. A dog should be more than just a companion or a big cuddly teddy-bear whom you can hug. Protection dogs possess the power and the will to act. They can also be as cuddly as you want them to be. You will sleep better at night knowing that your four-legged buddy can drive away all perpetrators.


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