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So you’re planning to buy an outdoor LED display screen for your business promotions in 2020. Since these screens are quite inn and reliable for most of the businesses and company’s out there, it’s certainly a great way to promote your brand. But is the excessive purchasing and demand for outdoor LED screens enough to make you want to invest in one for your business too? Certainly not!

Even though popular things attract us, but it’s important to have basic insights and information about why a product is popular and how it can serve in boosting your business’s performance. Now don’t’ worry if you aren’t well aware of outdoor displays, as we’ve got you covered with the perfectly detailed guide. Are you excited to go ahead and discover more about this business promoting tool? Well then, let’s go ahead and discover it in detail!


Benefits of Outdoor LED Screens:

Whether you name it as an outdoor LED sign, outdoor LED display, or outdoor LED billboard; all serve as a similar type of business promoting a product that works effectively. Moreover, since these are similar, all these, or ‘outdoor LED screens’ to be precise, all have similar benefits.

Now you might have self-evaluated some benefits that may come as common understanding, like the fact that outdoor display screens are easily visible to thousands of people. But when it comes to counting the benefits, there’s a lot more than just this. Let’s just discover some such effective and demanding benefits offered by these LED displays.

The portrayal of Creative Messages and Formats:

Of course, original and unique content is an eye-catching asset that can attract every passer-by easily. Considering this outdoor LED billboards serve as the best option for you to produce creative content. The main reason for that can be the lack of format and creativity limitations. So as long as you can combine attractive videos, text messages, or photographs and create unique and eye-catching content to display on the digital screen, you are sure to get constant traffic on your brand easily.

Perfect Message Personalization Option:

When it comes to attracting customers for a brand, it is highly important to stay extremely close to the needs and preferences of the brand’s potential buyers. Once that is managed to achieve, a business can easily achieve success in the competitive market by creating an irreplaceable marketing asset for their brand. Now thanks to the LED display screens, it is not easily possible to choose different messages and their time of appearance on the screen. This way, using an LED display you can easily use multiple information’s/messages that are specifically helpful for a brand’s target audience. As a result, the audience would be easily convinced to buy your products.

Option to Play Unlimited Announcements:

If you’re choosing to buy an LED display for the wall of your business building, then it might be solely dedicated to run messages and ads for your business. Here, the best part about advanced LED displays is that they don’t’ have any limitations. So instead of running the same ad for a couple of days, you can easily switch between important advertisements, campaigns, business messages for the customers, and important announcements. So you can simply broadcast countless content every day and make your message reach the audience.

Longer Durability:

Since these are termed as advanced’ outdoor LED display screens, it’s obvious that they are specially designed to perform its function outdoors. This means that no matter what weather conditions the outdoor LED screens face, they are pre-designed to handle them effectively. As a result, you can be sure to make the most out of the display screen for years to come.

The Higher Quality:

Next is the most obvious benefit of LED display screens that anyone can agree on. Don’t get it? Well, we’ve all seen huge, shiny, attractive, and real-to-life displays on LED signage’s in various rushed streets and the front wall of malls; remember? That’s certainly another huge benefit that ensures that every passerby or visitor is caught up with the quality graphics of these large display screens. What’s adds to the quality is the higher brightness and resolution levels, in comparison to traditional signage’s. Moreover, this benefit of high-quality display also adds to the ease of viewing the display screens content and messages in bright daylight.

More Money-Saving Than Traditional Screens:

The conventional advertising costs that come with traditional LED screens can cost you and your business a lot. From the huge electricity bill to the need of repairing, editing messages, programming videos, and many more expenses that a traditional LED display requires. However, since an outdoor LED screen consists of lower energy expenditure and easy self-programming and self—managing of the contents of the screen through the internet – an outdoor LED screen is a far more pocket-friendly investment.

Perfect Option to Issue Third-Party Ads:

Every single business or company doesn’t prefer investing in their own outdoor LED billboard. Instead, most small-scale businesses and companies prefer saving their money by using a rental display screen to promote their business advertisement. This makes it an even valuable and profitable decision to buy an outdoor LED billboard and set specific timings to rent it for the third-party ads. Besides, who doesn’t likes having some extra income as a bonus of an investment?

No Need for Designing Professionals:

Since the Visual LED serves in incorporating advanced software’s in the giant LED displays, it’s easier for anyone to manage programs and their designs on the screen. This means that even if you are the advertiser, you don’t need a professional to set ads, designs them, and run on your outdoor display screen. Instead, you can do it yourself without requiring any computer science knowledge. However, just in case you want a professional touch on the designs, there are plenty of online courses to seek help from. That sounds cool, right?

Unavoidable Advertisements:

Similar to the previously mentioned benefit of attractive and high-quality displays, it’s just hard to avoid these LED screens in the street. Another major reason for this can be the huge size and the attractive content that is portrayed; which keeps the viewer attracted to the screen.

In other cases, outdoor billboards are unavoidable because you can’t skip the ads on them. Instead, similar to how you can skip online ads or change the channels during ads on the television or radio, outdoor displays grab the attention of the viewer by doing the opposite, i.e. making ads unavoidable. Especially when you are stuck in traffic with a billboard nearby, the only entertainment you have there are the ads. So who would avoid them?

How Much Does an Outdoor LED Display Cost?

This can be a common question to consider before heading out and buying a LED display yourself.

Now when it comes to the prices of outdoor displays, it’s hard to analyze a fixed price, as often at times the prices depend upon the display size, pixel pitch, and other additional features of an LED display. However for an estimated idea, one can consider these outdoor displays to cost anything from $4,400 to $154,000. Sounds like a huge budget difference, right? Well, this difference simply helps to determine that how much budget should be available for investing in a reliable, high quality, and decent sized outdoor display (if you can’t afford a gigantic one).


Type of Installation of Outdoor LED Screen:

For a newbie in terms of investing in LED displays, it’s for one to understand the different installation methods of an Outdoor display. But since this is highly important, let’s discuss the common ones below:


This installation method refers to mounting LED displays on outdoor walls and fixing there permanently.

outdoor led display

Pole Installation:

Installation of these screens on outdoor poles is quite critical but equally beneficial to change the screen’s location afterward.

Roof Installation:

This method of installing outdoor LED’s is quite commonly found everywhere. And if this screen is installed on its building’s roof; there’s no better way to make customers attracted to the building.

Hanging Installation:

Similar to the pole installation, this type of LED screen installation is managed by hanging it outdoors through thick wires these wires are supported by one or more buildings.

Mobile Rental Installation:

By what the name suggests, this installation of LED screens is temporary. And most commonly rental screens are installed in this way so that they can be moved and relocated according to the needs of every renting party.

outdoor led stage screen

How Many Ways to Control Outdoor LED Screens?

Now that we’ve discovered the different installation methods of outdoor display screens, you might not want to miss the controlling methods, right? The best part about controlling the advanced outdoor LED billboards is that these screens can be controlled through multiple sources. So you can be anywhere and easily control the screen’s content without needing professional help. More precisely, some common controlling methods include;

  • Synchronous and asynchronous controlling
  • Controlling through a connected computer
  • Controlling through Wi-Fi or 4G connected devices.
  • Controlling the cloud controlling method that is supported by online sites and sources that connect the screen with your device through cloud connectivity.


Important Thing To Consider When Buying an Outdoor LED Display:

Lastly, but most importantly, an outdoor LED screen guide can’t be completed without discussing the things you need to consider while buying your own LED display, right? So considering that, let’s go ahead and discuss some major factors below:

  • Pixel Pitch: If you consider LED screens with average to maximum pixel pitch levels, the display quality can be extremely attractive and eye-catching.
  • LEDs: Of course, the more the LEDs, the better the whole display screen would light up and make every letter and graphic prominent on the screen. But don’t go too overboard in the LED’s quality.
  • Cabinet Type: This is highly important as specific cabinet types go with specific installing supports. This means that a light cabinet type is preferred for installing the screen on light supports like a pole or metal ropes. Similarly, for heavy cabinet types, the installation support should be considered accordingly.
  • Size: If you can’t afford a gigantic LED display, it’s better to go for the average-sized screen instead of choosing the tiny ones – so that it can catch the passerby’s attention from even a little distance.
  • Price: This is another important factor. You can’t ask for every advanced feature and go out of budget too, right? So keep a budget in mind while choosing your options.
  • Brightness: The better the brightness of the screen, the better it will make even the faraway viewers to easily read the advertisement on it. However, make sure you don’t go for screens with a little too much brightness, as it might not be suitable for a closer audience.



  • What does an outdoor LED display mean?

An LED display screen is the perfect solution for advertising any business, institute, firm, company, product, or even individual ads in front of thousands of passerby’s. These screens are installed on the poles, walls, or the building roof’s exterior area. They are designed specifically to continue displaying ads perfectly even after the attacks of dust, noise, and extreme weather.

  • Are these helpful?

Since thousand or even millions of passersby’s can easily view ads on outdoor LED signs (as they are installed on roads with higher traffic), the advertisements help businesses to grow by attracting customers that view these ads while passing by. Besides, even if a few thousand people may view the ad, at least hundreds are sure to respond to it, right?

  • How to protect these screens from rain and sunlight?

To protect from rain, it is important for installing engineers to make sure that water doesn’t seep inside the screen’s inner electronics. However, in terms of sunlight protection (which is quite critical as sunlight is the biggest enemy of these display screens), you need to ask your digital signage solution providers to figure out a protective solution from the heat.


There may be a lot more aspects of an outdoor display, like the materials it is made of, or the types of businesses that avail most success through them, or even the different businesses and institutions that rely on outdoor display advertisement and notifications. But if you have a clear idea of all these basic details of outdoor display screens, then you can easily consider why, when, and what type of outdoor display does your business require.

So once all that is sorted, go ahead and promote your business ads better by investing in outdoor LED signs!

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