Best Horror Films to Watch on Hulu

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Hulu has an amazing set of collections of horror films, and here are some of the best. In this era of streaming service, it is necessary to have movies that represent the genre of a film entirely, and this is what is true about horror films. Horror movie fans always want something new, and there it is never going to be enough of it. Fortunately, Hulu never gets short in offering content, giving the competitors, Amazon Prime and Netflix a difficult time to win when it’s about the quality of horror films. Hulu has added the great collection, from the iconic classics to new indie hits, lining up the amazing movies that provide to please all the Horror fans out there. 

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Here are the best horror films on Hulu:

  •  28 Weeks Later
  • Baskin
  • Beyond The Gates
  • Coherence
  • Cube
  • Mom and dad


28 Weeks Later

The tale starts in brilliant 28 Days Later of Danny Boyle, which then prolongs in 28 Weeks Later. The entire cast is the same, whereas the infection, which causes the apocalypse, remains the same. The authorities think that they have controlled to contain the virus that the fans know better. Soon the infection all again and the fights start to survive by everyone to protect themselves but unlucky that sufficient to be left. The star cast includes Rose Byrne, Harold Perrineau, Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Renner, Idris Elba, and Imogen Poots.


Horror fans do not get enough extreme than the 2015’s Baskin; a Turkish made up of horrible visualization that creates both Hellraiser blush and Event Horizon. Hell is where the set of unsuspicious police officers locate themselves when the phone call has gone wrong, and the place is more fictitious of chaos and agony. Baskin is not for the one who swoons of hearts or people who don’t like subtitles, or else it is the great option for horror film fans who have Hulu subscription.

Beyond The Gates

People who like horror with the 1980s vibes will adore the movie, which tries to showcase the spirit of those decades. A movie is about the 2 brothers who meet again when his father disappears, and as they tried to find the clues in their old videos, they both get the interactive VHS board game. A game takes them to reality by the unknown hostess that contains the different unique effects. Unfortunately, Hulu does not provide the film as VHS rental.


As mostly classified as the sci-fi or thriller, Coherence is the horror film, though not of the guts, blood, and the jump kind. This horror is based on experience as a bunch of friends who accumulated for the dinner party to find themselves by questions the reality when comet going across the head guide to a strange event going on. The movie is directed and written by James Ward Byrkit; it is a great choice of Hulu for someone who wants to watch the film that has a different story.


It is all about confusion and separated from people who are the major source of horror when the bunch of strangers wakes up in a strange prison. Filled with anxiety and fear of death, these strangers try to discover how they can exit and also to know how they get there. Unluckily, the cubes are entirely trapped, and the survival no at all guarantee. The story is directed by Vincenzo Natali that has earned the cult over the years, and its the best choice to watch.

Mom and dad

There are several haunted films about wicked children who target their parents, but surprisingly it’s about the reverse as putting kids in danger is the type disapprobation. This is what Mom and Dad of 2018 in which parents convert into murderer to the offspring and grant Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage, who goes completely mad after as the combination of both as the parents unit.


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