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Aura Homeopathy to cure herpes: At Aura Homeopathy Delhi, we provide best homeopathy medicine for Herpes treatment. Proper case taking and analysis helps in the selection of best homeopathy medicine for Herpes. Today we will discus Top homeopathy medicine for Herpes, its causes and trigger factors.

Virus Causing Herpes

-HSV1 viruses in oral

-HSV2 locations in genital locations.

Low immunity causes Herpes. Like Fatigue, stress or infection.

Allopathy medicine and creams are not effective. Natural homeopathic medicine helps cure herpes.

Aura Homeopathy can better fight against this disease. Remember that homeopathy goes well with other natural remedies that include essential oils. Discover our new range of homeopathic medicines to effectively treat your skin problems with homeopathy.

What is Herpes- Cold Sore?

The Herpes is the manifestation of a viral infection that causes the appearance of tiny fluid - filled blisters that usually appear on the lips or in outline. Blisters grouped in clusters.

Stages of Herpes Cold Sore

The process of Herpes development goes through a series of stages:

⦁ Tingling stage: Symptoms like itching, tingling and discomfort.

⦁ Heat: Blisters in the area described. Outbreaks of small fluid-filled blisters appear that are usually very painful.

⦁ Ulcer or exudate stage: The blisters break forming a purulent plaque. It is the most painful and contagious stage of cold sores.

⦁ Scab stage: A dry brown crust forms. If the scab breaks, itching, itching and bleeding occur.

⦁ Healing stage: The scavenging scabs and cold sores completely heal.

Herpes- Cold sore Causes

If the person is infected once, the virus remains dormant for life in the main nerves of the face. Not all cold sores have the same triggering cause. Six factors, that can cause Herpes cold sores.

⦁ Sun exposure . A solar overexposure can cause the appearance of herpes. If we already have an outbreak, it can cause the scar to spread and persist.

⦁ Cold . Low temperatures can cause the onset of herpes. Protection of the lips from cold exposure is advised.

⦁ Menstruation . During menstruation herpes virus can get activated. As defense system is weak in menstruation.

⦁ Hormonal changes . A hormonal change may be the cause of the appearance of cold sores. Thus, pregnant women have frequent herpes outbreaks.

Other Misc Cause For Herpes

Fever . Cold sores is commonly caused by fever. Few people call it "labial fever" and is caused by the lack of defenses that the body has at that time.

⦁ Low immunity due to Flu.

⦁ Defense reduction is having a link with stress. Mental stress can cause fatigue becomes a new cause of development.

⦁ To prevent spread of herpes, treat wounds properly.

⦁ Immunosuppression . Inhibition of immune system components can cause the appearance of cold sores.

Herpes Homeopathy Treatment Protocol

As per Dr. Abhishek, patient suffering from Herpes cold sores are experts in the knowledge of the signs and symptoms. Early start of Homeopathy treatment for Herpes is vital. Early treatment prevent it from sprouting. If the herpes has started, homeopathy can eradicate it early without letting all the stages develop. Even in herpes already sprouted to its full potential, we manage to reduce its duration to 4-5 days with homeopathic treatment .

Each Stage of Herpes is of 10-15 days duration. Usually Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) leads to cold sore. The virus is contagious and most infections occur in childhood. The prevalence increases with age, and approximately 80% of adults are carriers of the virus. Most people who are infected by the virus that causes it never get cold sores. The virus spreads by direct contact with the lesions or saliva of the person who has cold sores.

Best Homeopathy Medicine For Herpes

1. Rhus toxicodendron. It is the main medication for cold sores. Painful, burning vesicles that itch a lot, puncturing, moist, crusty or suppurating, that settle on inflamed, painful and red skin. Erruption appear on the head, eyelids and foreskin. It is usually accompanied by fever.

2. Arsenicum album. Herpes with intense itching and burning that improves with local heat. It appears on the lips or around the mouth and on the foreskin.

3. Cantharis: Best Homeopathy Medicine for Herpes when the vesicles itch and burn, when touched. Pain and inflammation is marked in herpes vesicles. Improvement with cold packs. Irritation with burning pains in the bladder and urethra during urination. Urination is frequent and urgent.

4. Erect clematis. Herpes with itchy, stabbing vesicles that discharge a corrosive yellowish liquid, with redness, heat and swelling of the skin. Washing with cold water aggravate itching, by the heat of the bed and at night.

Few Other Homeopathy Medicine For Herpes Treatment

1. Croton tiglium. Vesicles that secrete a burning yellow liquid. Which later on, dries in scabs. Which itching and burning. It is the red line symptom for selecting this homeopathy medicine. Rashes appears mostly on face and lips, scalp and male genitals (penis and scrotum)

2. Graphites Top used Homeopathy medicine for painful, burning, herpes rashes which worsens with heat and contact. It secretes a yellow, viscous, sticky, transparent and thick liquid, which becomes a yellowish crust. Located in the cornea, eyelids, behind the ears, face, lips, around the anus, in the male genitals and extremities. Premenstrual herpes

3. Mercurius solubilis. Itching herpes, burning or stabbing, scaly, crusty, moist, extending and sometimes suppurating or ulcerating. The itching worsens at night and with the heat of the bed. It appears mostly on the face, foreskin, vulva. It is usually accompanied by profuse night sweats, excessive salivation, thirst, metallic taste and foul breath.

4. Mezereum: Undoubtedly it is Best medicine for herpes is during itching and burning. Thick whitish crust covers the vesicles. Ulcerated skin under crust filled with yellow pus. It appears mostly on the face, scalp and back of the hands.

5. Petroleum: If vesicles burn and itch, petroleum is The Best Homeopathy Medicine. Wet and small vesicles of herpes. They appear mostly in cold wether or in winter, in the occipital area, face, around the anus, in the male and female genitals.

Why Aura Homeopathy Medicine For Herpes- Cole sore?

We at Aura Homeopathy follows classical protocols for selection of Best Homeopathy Medicine for herpes. A through case taking, followed by case analysis and individualization. If you are searching for Best Homeopathy Doctor In Delhi For Herpes Cold Sore Treatment, your search end here.

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