Best Fridge in India 2020: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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How to Choose a best refrigerator online in India ?

Best refrigerator buying guide-Choosing a refrigerator can be tough, with all the different types of refrigerator available on the market. In our refrigerator buying guide we’ll tell you all about the various types of refrigerator, their prices, and their benefits, ultimately helping you choose the refrigerator that best suits your needs.

Please keep in mind below key factors while buying the refrigerator.

Key Factors :

1) Types of Refrigerators

2) Capacity

3) Frost Type’

4) Power Consumption

5) Budget

6) Features

1) What types of Refrigerators are there  

There are so many types of refrigerators and when you’re looking to find the right machine for you, it can be difficult to decide on which one suits your needs.

  • Single Door Refrigerator
  • Double Door Refrigerator
  • Triple Door Refrigerator
  • French Door Refrigerator
  • Side by Side Refrigerator

1A) What are the benefits of refrigerator 

The fundamental reason for having a refrigerator is to keep food cold. Cold temperatures help food stay fresh longer. The basic idea behind refrigeration is to slow down the activity of bacteria (which all food contains) so that it takes longer for the bacteria to spoil the food.

2) How to choose a perfect capacity of a refrigerator for home use

Buy Refrigerator capacity keeping below considerations.

FrozenIf you’re a meat lover, pick a model which comes with a large freezer capacity.

Vegetable Storage-Most fridges offer a dedicated space for storing veggies. Go for the highest if you plan to stock up on vegetables on a weekly basis.

Refrigerator Placement

Refrigerator placement is also an important criterion. Ensure you take into consideration the gates & passages that you will need to pass the refrigerator through

fridge should always be close vicinity with the kitchen and dining area so that all the materials, fruits, vegetables and cold water is accessible while cooking or eating.

3) What is the best refrigerator for me 

Deforst Type- Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerators

Direct Cool – In this type of refrigerator, the air in circulation is cooled inside the fridge compartments by means of the natural convection process. As the process is natural, there is uneven temperature distribution due to which there is the formation of ice from the water vapor inside the refrigerator. There is no way to control the temperature distribution. The ice or frost can be noticed in and around the freezer box. This is exactly why it needs manual defrosting for which is a knob or button is provided. Due to this uneven temperature distribution, the direct cool refrigerator is limited to single door model only.

Direct Cool

Frost Free – In this type of refrigerator, the basic operation is the same but inside of natural convection process, the air is circulated evenly with electric fans. Due to even distribution of cool air, there is no scope for the formation of ice or frost, and thereby, it lives up to its name. It has a timer and a thermostat which cuts off the power supply when the desired temperature is reached within the calculated period of time. Besides, in some model, there is a heating system working continuously to melt the ice formation automatically.

Frost Free

The Distinctive Differences –

Power Consumption – A direct cool refrigerator consumes less electricity which is due to the absence of any external fan. The frost free versions have external fans as well as a heating system that works continuous, adding to more power consumption.

Keeping Food Fresh – A direct cool refrigerator is good at keeping food fresh only for a shorter period of time in comparison to a frost free refrigerator. The mechanism of a frost free freezer is designed to keep the freshness of the food items intact for a longer duration of time.

Number of Doors – Due to uneven temperature distribution, the direct cool freezer can be of single door only. On the contrary, most of the frost free freezers have double doors, and they can also be of triple doors as well as side by side door.

Family Suitability – A direct cool freezer is suitable only for a small family of 3 members as the storage capacity varies from 50 to 250 liters. On the other hand, the frost free freezers are large in size and hence, suitable for small to large family. The storage capacity varies from 50 to as much as 650 liters.

Maintenance – A direct cool freezer needs regular cleaning depending on your usage. Due to frost formation and manual defrosting, the interior will be filled with droplets. You have to clean them as the interior color can fade otherwise, and the food contamination rate can also increase for the same. In a frost free refrigerator, due to no frost formation, there is no maintenance as such.

Heating Issue – There is no heating issue of the external parts with direct cool freezers as the convection process is natural. But in a frost free freezer, there is a heating system to prevent the formation of ice, and there are external fans with motors which get heated up. The heating issue is not a major issue, and too much heating can be damaging for the other parts, and the performance can degrade. Therefore, annual servicing is a must for the frost free freezer.

Cost – The cost of direct cool refrigerators as less in comparison to frost free ones. Even in the long run, you will save more in your power bill with a direct cool freezer. However, they are fast becoming obsolete as the popularity of frost free ones is rising tremendously among Indian residents.

Best Refrigerator Buying Guide

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