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electric hot water boiler

An electric hot water boiler is a type of water heater that uses electricity to heat up water. They are electronic devices that heat a large tank of water and pump it through the plumbing. You may have seen them in older rental apartments or homes, but they can also be found in newer places as well. An electric boiler can provide enough hot water for all your household needs, or you can use it with other types of water heaters like gas boilers or solar panels.

How do electric hot water boilers work?

Electric hot water boilers are powered by electricity, so they are usually installed in a utility room. An electric element heats the water to a temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit). The heated water flows through pipework and then into your hot taps, where it can be used for washing dishes or clothes, bathing, and preparing food.

When you use an electric hot water boiler at home it will take several hours for the element to heat all the water in your tank - but this is much faster than if you were using an open fire or kettle.

How much electricity does an electric hot water boiler use per hour?

The amount of electricity required to run an electric hot water boiler depends on how much you use it and the current electricity rate in your area. Using your electric hot water boiler for heating hot water costs about 100-200kWh boiler per hour. This can be reduced by turning off the switch when not in use and keeping doors closed as much as possible.

How much does an electric hot water boiler?

The price of an electric hot water boiler will depend on the capacity and brand. For example, a top-of-the-line model from one manufacturer may cost twice as much as a base model from another manufacturer.

The average price for an electric hot water boiler is around $800-$1,300. However, the average price will vary depending on the size of your tank and how much power you use to heat your water (i.e., if you live in Southern California with relatively mild winters, then your needs may be less than those of someone living in Montana).

If you don't want to install gas or solar, then an electric hot water boiler is definitely worth considering!


The decision to install an electric hot water boiler should be made after considering the many factors that determine whether it's the right heating solution for you. There are many pros and cons to this type of system, which we've outlined above. It all comes down to what's most important for your home or business and what kind of lifestyle you're living as well!

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