Best Disinfecting Wipes To Kill Candida Auris: EPA-Approved Alcohol Cleaners

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Best Disinfecting Wipes To Kill Candida Auris: EPA-Approved Alcohol Cleaners

Did you know that the healthcare industry isn't actually all that great at dealing with fungal infections?

Sure, we have a few anti-fungal medications - but the few fungal pathogens that can infect humans are already developing resistance to those.

That's why experts recommend cleaning up any potentially contaminated surfaces ASAP, with an EPA-approved disinfectant, so we can limit the number of infections that spread to humans.

Personally, I recommend Sani-Cloth wipes, because they're affordable, convenient, and highly effective. They're manufactured by PDI, sold locally by SurgiMac, and approved by the EPA for fast-paced environments, where you might only have a few minutes to disinfect between visitors, clients, customers, or whoever.

You can learn more about SurgiMac, Sani-Cloth wipes, and other popular options by visiting

So how long does it take?

Well, in part that will depend on how fast you clean - but the real answer is, about 2 minutes after you're done. All you have to do is wipe your hard, non-porous surfaces with a Sani-Cloth, and then wait for them to dry.

According to the EPA, Sani-Cloth wipes can kill up to 30 varieties of microorganisms, within 2 minutes of contact. They function as bactericidal, tuberculocidal, and virucidal wipes, while also cleaning, deodorizing, and removing allergens.

So why is this important now?

Research has shown that C. Auris cases are not just becoming more common, but the pathogen is also becoming more resistant to anti-fungal medications. It's hoped that taking extra steps to prevent the initial infections will do more than just save lives, it will also slow down the development of drug-resistant strains, and allow researchers more time to find a solution.

While the pathogen has shown growing resistance to several medications, it has not shown growing resistance to surface disinfectants.

SurgiMac is an authorized dealer for all the top trusted medical supply brands, like PDI, Metrex, and Septodont, so they also offer several other surface disinfectants that are approved by the EPA for C. Auris. These include CaviCide 1, CaviWipes 1, and Caviwipes Bleach.

You should know though, that while all of these products are effective against C. Auris, they're different in many other ways. You can find more information about each product, the pathogens it's effective against, and how long it takes to disinfect a surface, by visiting the SurgiMac website.

As a hospital-grade cleaning product, PDI Sani-Cloth wipes are more than strong enough for most uses. They are also alcohol-based and bleach-free, making them suitable for use on most surfaces, including medical equipment. However, SurgiMac recommends that you still test a small patch in a less visible location, to ensure the high alcohol-content wipes do not cause any fading or damage.

Before you order - if you're a medical professional, make sure to register with the company so you can access wholesale rates, locally manufactured surgical tools, and same-day shipping for orders placed before Noon, EST.

If you're not a medical professional, that's okay too. Though SurgiMac deals primarily with clinics, hospitals, hospices, and dental practices, some of its products are also available for home, office, and school use.

Get premium medical-grade products from brands you trust, at wholesale rates, from a local source.

Just visit to register, or to see the full range of locally-available products.

SurgiMac LLC 10 Kees Place Suite C, Merrick, New York 11566, United States Website

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