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Now it is time to learn a very cool subject. It is mapped. So we will start by learning to work with Naps. We will start by integrating Google maps in our projects and we will learn how to manipulate maps how to find user locations how to ask for permission to use digital marketing course the user location and how to create address data and long click listeners. And after that, after we learn and master our maps skills, of course, we're going to build an exemplary app out of this.
We're going to have a travel book which is a very good very cool application in my opinion in which our users can save the locations they want. The favorite day. So they favorite these locations. And when they go back they can see these digital marketing training in delhi locations again and they can just navigate themselves to that location. And we use it as you like to save this location. As usual, Jay and I will ask you to build this application on your own. One more time after you learn how to work with maps. So if you're ready just go for it. Watch the first lecture to see how to use maps.

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Hello everyone today we're going to learn how to use maps in our projects So Google has a very powerful tool a very powerful map layout for us. It uses the technology of Google Maps and of course, we're going to create digital marketing training in delhi our own exemplary application in this section as well. 
  • But first, we have to learn how to use maps because it has its own unique codes its own unique functions and we have so much to learn in the section regarding maps. OK, so I'm going to create a new project.
  • And let me coder's KOPPLIN maps and don't forget to include coatless support as well. So like Nax And here in this gallery now I have to choose another thing which is Google Maps activity.
  • So I think this is the first time today that we're choosing a different type of activity rather than an empty activity. And as once we opened this digital marketing training in delhi activity is as you can see right now a new page a pitch it's Google Maps API dot eggs and Moul. OK. So we have to do some settings.
  • We have to configure this map in order to work with it. And here it explains how we can do that actually. And this is very very easy. All we have to do is just take this. You are in here and paste it into our own browser so this will generate an API key for us and API sense for an application programming interface.
  • So just select does your out OK and copy it and then go and find your favorite browser and paste the link. Once you click that it will take it to digital marketing training in delhi developers dot Google dot com. And here you have to register your app in order to activate maps.

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So if you're not signed in with your Google agent you have to sign in. And if you don't have a Google account then you have to create one then, later on, you have to choose to create a project from here.
  1. So, later on, you have to click on those creating create API. So it will give you a key and which you will copy Kate and go to your project. And Paste the key in here your key here section. So this is how Google understands that you're a steward with your application. And now you can use your map.
  2. So if you open the layout the activity maps layout and then you will see a digital marketing training in delhi fragmenting here. And this fragment is a map object actually. And if you open the map activity you will see some different coaches. So it is still a class and there are still functions.
  3. Let me just open this into our emulator and then you will see what happens. And as soon as it will run in the background for a while let me explain what is going on in here. OK. So we have these on create function as we usually do. So within his own create function we have some extra lines here like a map fragment. OK. And this map fragment actually configures the Google map so that we come up with it. We have a Google map object in here. OK.
  4. So this is a type of Google map. So initializes Google map and use this in our application. So within his own create we just define the digital marketing training in delhi support map pregnant and under its own separate function.
  5. We write what is going to happen after our map is ready so we can just write what we have to write in jeopardy rather down on create because we want it to happen after the map is ready if it is actually related to maps say map operations. So here we go our map is ready. And as you can see we already know how. And we already see our map.
  6. If you zoom in by double-clicking in here now we are in Australia and I think we are around Sydney and if you click on this little pin which is called Marker it is a marker in Sydney cape. So this code. What does it do? So here we create a new variable called Sydney and it is a left lung object. K so this stands for latitude and longitude. So it is a chord in the theory. So this is the latitude and longitude of Sydney. So we create this Sydney latitude and longitude we create this co-ordinate and then we just take it Kate and embed it in our map.

So here we add a marker cape and this is the little pin is our marker. So we just say at the marker and in the position of
digital marketing training in delhi the variable that we have just created and it will have a title of the marker in Sydney. So, later on, we just say a new camera to here move the camera to a new love plunky new Ordnung new position. So we now see the red marker in our chosen location. So this is actually basics Frerking maps and this is very easy. We as you can see Kim Bunder around with a map and you don't need any code for that and we will see the rest of the code in the next lecture.

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