Best Adult Diapers are the only Solution to Manage Incontinence Issues?

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Incontinence is a health condition wherein the person, irrespective of age and gender, is unable to control the movements of the bladder or bowel. It is called bowel or urinary incontinence. Such involuntary incontinence issues are generally faced by adults after attaining a certain age beyond 60 years. The other reasons for the incontinence could be medical history, diabetes, obesity, recent surgery or treatment, mental illness, etc. Apart from these, women may experience incontinence issues due to pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. The situation can be serious for many as it calls for several trips to the washroom. Besides, the fear of soiling the clothes, inviting unnecessary glances and embarrassments takes away the peace of mind. Not only it leaves you with a lack of confidence but also your dignity is hit. However, there are several ways to tackle the issue of incontinence ranging from best adult diapers, undergoing treatment and managing the situation with a few lifestyle changes.

Tips for handling incontinence issues without using the best adult diapers

It can be said that pull up adult diapers are the best solution for people suffering from incontinence problems, but apart from diapers, there are a few tips that can help in easing incontinence issues.  Let us check out a few tips to handle incontinence problem in men and women.

1) Medical Treatment

Undergoing medical treatment is one of the best cures for people struggling with incontinence movements of bladder and bowel. Treatment for incontinence depends on the type of incontinence and how severe it is. Some cases are treatable and would be able to live life without diapers. Whereas, women who are facing incontinence issues during pregnancy have a higher degree of chances to return to the normal course of living once they are through with child-birth and will not have incontinence issues. But some women may continue to suffer from incontinence movements of bladder post-delivery or due to menopause and the struggle continues lifetime without any medical treatment. On the other hand, patients with mental illness and those whose bladder or bowel conditions are severe are left with no option but to use diapers.

Medications are also effective in some cases where your doctor prescribe that the situation of incontinence can be controlled. On the other hand, medical devices such as bulking agents, urethral insert, catheters etc. can be used in the worst conditions of incontinence.

2) Managing the intake of fluid and diet

Spicy food, junk food, citrus fruit, carbonated drinks, alcohol, Vitamin C rich foods etc. are the enemy of people having incontinence problems. This is because these foods worsen the issue of incontinence. If the diet and fluid intake is not managed effectively, the condition will be more aggravated. Thus, it is recommended to keep a check on these issues, especially if the person is suffering from diabetes.  Moreover, avoid taking much fluid after dinner as it will hinder your sleep and there will be frequent visits to the washroom.

3) Incontinence kits

Not only diapers, but the incontinence kit also consist of towels, wipes, underpads, bed pads, protection undergarment and extra underwear. Keep these things handy so that you can access them immediately as and when the need arises. Besides, you can keep a range of best adult diapers.  Whether you select underpads, adult pull-up diapers or diapers with side-tapes, it is totally your choice depending upon what gives you more comfort and peace. Apart from diapers, using bed pads for protecting your mattresses and bed sheets is a good choice. Invest in good washable bed pads or disposal bed pads that are waterproof and do not let the liquid spread. They can be used on chair, couch, a car seat and other surfaces that you use to sleep or sit.

4) Washroom visits

Visit your washroom even though you are not required to empty your bladder and bowel every 2 hours or so. This will prevent the bladder or bowel to get fill or spill if you will try to keep them empty by frequently visiting washroom even when there is no nature’s call. Especially, before sleeping, go to washroom once or twice before you retire to bed. This will save you from uninvited leaks and spots as much as possible.


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