Benefits of Wearing Blue sapphire stone

by Rosy Desuza Digital Marketing

Blue Sapphire stone is the gemstone of Saturn. Blue Sapphire is most famous gemstone among all planetary stones. It should be worn or not, does it have a very strong effect, sapphire can change anyone destiny, etc. Many such questions keep comes in our minds. What is its truth?

In astrology, Saturn is the most dreaded, most mysterious and a hard taskmaster, also known as "Karmadhipati" (the master of all our actions).

Saturn is also known as "Mild" and “Moving slowly” which means slow movement because the astrological sign is the longest-lived planet in a sign. Saturn transits one zodiac sign in about two and a half years or thirty months.

What qualities should a good Sapphire gemstone have?

  1. If the blue sapphire gemstone is not very expensive (in lakhs) then its color will not be uniform. Sapphire with uniform water-like color can be synthetic. Such an original sapphire will be worth many millions.
  2. Neelam stone with no natural inclusion will be artificial from inside. Natural inclusion is the hallmark of sapphire being real.
  3. Black spots should not be inside a natural blue sapphire.
  4. There should be no scratches or dent on the surface of the stone.
  5. The stone should not be chopped or broken from any corner.
  6. The light emanating from the original stone will give a blue aura.

Saturn is considered to be the most ferocious planet in astrology, but without its grace nothing can be achieved in life. A strong and well-located Saturn gives the wearer name, renown, dominance (authority), knowledge, ability to lead, spirituality, demeanor, patience, position and power, etc. Blue Sapphire stone strengthens a powerless Saturn in the horoscope and makes it positive.

If Saturn is in an inauspicious position in the horoscope or is ill or observant from evil planets, then it destroys both the sense in which they are situated and the sense of sight, and such inauspicious Saturn afflictions, sorrows, delays, interruptions, Dejection, depression, despair, destruction and death can also be brought because Saturn is also a factor of age.

Wearing the Blue Sapphire gemstone can protect you from the majesty of Saturn. Also, the Blue Sapphire Gemstone is helpful in Saturn's seven-and-a-half. Saturn's half-seven is usually a very painful and difficult period. What is Sati? In Saturn's visible (transit), when the moon in the horoscope passes through the twelfth sense, above the moon and from the moon, the gap of seven-and-a-half years is known as Saturn's half-century.

Saturn teaches all the lessons of life in this transit of seven and a half years and gives good or bad effects according to the deeds. Especially if Saturn is powerless in horoscope, wearing blue Sapphire gemstone can reduce many of life's sufferings and troubles.

After a deep analysis of the horoscope, if the Blue Sapphire gemstone is worn and if it suits the person, then this gem can speed up the life of the person by speeding up the life of the person.

Blue Sapphire stone should be worn on the body for at least seven days to see if there are any side effects, after that it is usually known whether Neelam is suit or not.

Blue Sapphire gemstone comes in many shades of blue. Color dispersal in Sapphire gemstones is mostly in irregular and latent zones. The presence of iron and titanium in this gemstone is the reason for its color. Natural inclusions such as natural webs, needle-like inclusions, crystals are common in sapphires, but these natural inclusions identify against real sapphire artificial sapphires.

These inclusions are known in the language of gemology by rutile needle, silk rutile, straight or angular banding, negative crystal and fingerprint inclusions etc. These inclusions are actually "Nature's Signature" and not some kind of gemstone.

The wearing of blue sapphire (neelam) is a very special Vedic ritual by which the gemstones are worn by purifying the gems, tuning the energy of the gemstones from the wearer's cycles. The gem worn by this ritual gives the person all the fruits for which the gemstone is worn. I do these rituals under personal guidance to my clients.

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