Benefits of Underground Concrete Water Storage Tanks

by Marta Jordan Writer
Water is a highly valuable commodity in today’s world. Since the origin of civilization, people have built their settlements depending on the availability of water. But the fast growth of cities and urban centres has put a strain on reserves of natural water.

Even though municipalities try to arrange water supply for most residents, shortages are caused by factors out of their control. Factors include a wide array of challenges of logistics, contamination of water, extreme heat, and prolonged drought. The solution for all these issues has been identified as underground concrete water storage tanks.

Issues of water supply shortages in most parts of Australia have made people invest in such tanks for water storage. These tanks provide a certain degree of freedom from the volatility of water supply, particularly during crises. But they may occupy lots of square footage. As such, many persons are installing underground concrete water tanks.

Water storage tanks are highly important for apartment buildings with multiple storeys. This is because the municipal supply may not have adequate pressure so that it gets through to the terrace of the high rise. Therefore, one must first store water in an underground tank and pump it to the overhead tank located on the terrace.

Concrete tanks are the oldest kinds of water tanks. They are durable and sturdy and available in a wide array of shapes, mainly square and rectangular. They are made of reinforced cement concrete (RCC) or ferrocement. They do require waterproofing. They are highly durable and can last for several years with proper maintenance. They are easy to clean.

There are two main benefits of underground concrete water tanks: Space-saving benefits and water-saving benefits.

Space-saving benefits

● Enjoy views with minimum obstruction
Underground tanks enable one to enjoy unobstructed views of one’s environment, property, and neighbourhood. This is useful in case one has a small yard.
The greenery around the home is therapeutic for all its occupants. But if one faces a choice between water security and a good view, the winner is always water security. Underground concrete tanks offer the best of both worlds. 

● Different uses for the yard
Installing an underground tank helps one to devote the backyard to various purposes. As for concrete, it is one of the strongest materials for construction available. Based on how the tank is built, one may not be limited about how to use the space above it.
With some tanks, one can plant vegetable gardens, host parties, or even install an outdoor kitchen in one’s yard. In case one does not plan any of these, one can use it as a safe play area for pets and kids.

● Enhance the value of the property
The value of any house can be multiplied by adding a facility for water storage. Underground tanks for storage of water are highly attractive in case one plans to resell one’s home. The reason is that they seldom interfere with any plans for a design modification. The water tank will provide a competitive edge to one’s home in the real estate market.

Benefits of Water-Saving

● Reduced utility bills
A rainwater harvesting system can be easily connected with an underground tank. This permits one to collect and use free water whenever required. One can water the lawn, fill up the pool and wash the driveway, all at no additional cost. One will not need to worry about rising municipal levies or monthly water bills anymore.

● Reserve supply of water
One can fill the underground water tank in the rainy season and make use of reserves during sporadic shortages of water. Such sporadic issues may be caused by logistic challenges like burst pipes. Reserve water supplies will free one from pressure faced by neighbours to find water. Having a tank of good size can help avert any water crisis.

In sum, these are some of the major benefits of concrete underground water storage tanks.

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