Benefits of Taking Vitamin C Daily

by Kathryn Mcelligott Seo

Do not ignore Vitamin C since it is a natural antioxidant that works to protect and nourish the body through essential nutritional content.

The human body requires vital nutrients to lead a healthy life that includes vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and necessary antioxidants. Taking into consideration Vitamins use, Vitamin C is a key to a good health condition. It is an organic compound that does not require to get stored inside the body and gets absorbed quickly and aids to improve bone density, maintain right skin texture and improve blood circulation.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in lifting various functions of the body such as natural collagen peptide production, L-carnitine, and different categories of neurotransmitters. It leads to regulating the protein synthesis and production of vital antioxidants that work to restrict the chances of getting affected with few types of cancers.

The recommended consumption of Vitamin C  is prescribed for both men and women where a male adult must go for at least 90mg, and a female adult must include at least 75mg daily. The intake of Vitamin C is advised to take from different categories of food sources, and there are also different supplements available to meet the need for Vitamin C intake.

Proven Benefits of Vitamin C Intake

Powerful Antioxidant

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that boosts up the immune system of the body and makes its defense stronger from neglected diseases. Such categories of antioxidants are active molecules that protect the body cells from free radical damage. According to recently released reports it has been mentioned that Vitamin C consumption on a regular basis leads to lifting the blood antioxidant level by up to 40%. This is a compelling experience where the human body gets the protective shield from many types of chronic diseases.

Controls High Blood Pressure

Today one among every five men are experiencing and struggling through high blood pressure, which puts the body at high risk of getting affected with heart disease and even brains stroke. Vitamin C intake leads to restricting the lower down the blood pressure level among adults since it gives relaxation to blood vessels that carry blood to the heart and thus controls the blood flow level. In a study conducted on different humans consuming Vitamin C supplements on average quantity experienced reduced systolic blood pressure by 3.96mmHg and the rate of diastolic blood pressure by 1.56mmHg.

Gives Better Memory Health

Individuals today are struggling with dementia symptoms that lead to low memory recall activities and low thinking level that has affected millions of individuals and is common in adults today. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works to boost the memory recall activities and boost the concentration level as well. In several studies, it was found lower level Vitamin C caused dementia arrival. One may consume either through food or with the addition of supplements. Vitamin C supplements may support diseases like insanity if you do not get adequate vitamin C from food intake.

Boosts Immunity Level

The best reasons to include Vitamin C supplement regularly is its feature to increase the immunity level inside the body. It works to smoothen up the production of white blood cells like phagocytes and lymphocytes, which are protective agents against harmful body diseases. It acts as a protective agent of skin tissues and health and leads to boost the production of natural peptide collagen. Since it is an active antioxidant that aids to prevent skin aging and remove the issues of wrinkles and fine lines.

Reduces Heart Risk Factors

Heart failure is the crucial cause of lots of death today, and that arrives due to high blood pressure level and the formation of excess lousy cholesterol inside the body. In a recently conducted study, it was discovered out that individuals who consumed Vitamin C for a long time experienced reduced bad cholesterol formation and with reduced chances of heart attack. It is advised to consume at least 500mg of Vitamin C on a daily basis to reduce the risks of triglyceride levels.

Prevents Iron Deficiency

Iron is another vital nutrient that is needed throughout the body to work well, which aids in red blood cells formation and transmission of oxygen to veins and blood. The increased intake of Vitamin C supplements to the diet leads to lifting the iron absorption by the body. Individuals who don’t consume meat must consume this antioxidant since meat is the best source of Iron. It is advised to take around 100mg of Vitamin C daily that leads to improving iron absorption by up to 70%. If anyone suffers from iron deficiency, then go for Vitamin C source that would overcome the iron deficiency and give better wellness.

The Drawback

Vitamin C is an excellent source of health, but its excess consumption for more than 1000mg daily leads to gastrointestinal troubles and diarrhea. In few studies, it was observed that excess use of Vitamin C through supplements might lead to kidney stone formation as well as several cardiovascular problems. Higher intake is also responsible for tissue damage, so it’s better to consult a doctor before starting use of Vitamin C sources to stay safe from unwanted side effects.

Sources of Vitamin C

There are dozens of sources from where one may take Vitamin C that arrives best through vegetables and fruits. The inclusion of all raw foods is the best sources because in cooked food Vitamin C content gets destroyed. Some great fruits that include Vitamin C sources are:

  • citrus fruits
  • Orange holding 70mg Vitamin C
  • Half a cup of fresh strawberries: holding 49 mg Vitamin C
  • Half a cup of spinach holding 9 mg of Vitamin C
  • Half a cup of red pepper holding 95 mg Vitamin C
  • tomatoes
  • potatoes

There are various number of individuals who don’t get enough Vitamin C source due to their poor lifestyle and living habits, especially smokers have a lower level of antioxidants. It also works to reduce the inflammation level so to every smoker additional 35mg of Vitamin C intake is prescribed.

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