Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

by Sanjeev Y. SEO Consultant
Macadamia nuts are worth of buying, as they provide numerous health benefits and take care of the hearts.

What are Macadamia Nuts?
The macadamia trees are native to Australia. This commercially important nut is also known as the mariachi nut, Queensland nut, Hawaii nut, bush nut, etc.
Macadamia nuts belong to the Proteaceae family of trees. They can grow up to 40 feet in height. These nuts are woody and very hard. Every nut contains one or two seeds, and it has a pointed apex.

Why are macadamia nuts healthy?

Macadamia nuts contain most of the essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin A and B, folate, iron, and manganese. They also possess healthy fats, protein, powerful antioxidants, oleic acid, and omega9 fatty acid.

Nutrition Facts –
Macadamia nuts contain
ü    Iron
ü    Protein
ü    Thiamin
ü    Riboflavin
ü    Niacin
ü    Folate
ü    Zinc
ü    Copper
ü    Calcium
ü    Potassium
ü    Phosphorus
ü    Magnesium
ü    Antioxidants like amino acids, flavones, polyphenols, and selenium
ü    Carbohydrates like fructose, sucrose, glucose, and maltose

Health benefits of Macadamia Nuts –

Ø    Promotes heart health
These nuts are rich in monosaturated fatty acids. These resist platelets to form blood clots in the blood vessels, which in turn prevents stroke.

Ø    Improves blood sugar levels
Macadamia nuts contain a good combination of macro and micronutrients and other important bioactive compounds. These all together improve blood sugar levels.
Ø    Helps in weight loss
These nuts are low in carbohydrates and rich in fibre. In fact, it can help in preventing abdominal obesity.

Ø    Improves bone health

Macadamia nuts are rich sources of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These three minerals prevent bone demineralization.

Ø    Supports gut health
These nuts contain fibre which flushes toxins out of the body. They are also rich in copper contents, which help in the enzymatic reactions to improve digestive health.

Ø    Relieves inflammation
Macadamia nuts have alpha-linolenic acid, which is an omega-3 fatty acid that offers inflammatory properties.

Ø    Improves brain health
These particular nuts are the best friend of the brain. They have oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. The first one lowers blood pressure and the second one contains myelin which creates a fatty layer for protecting the nerve cells of the brain. It also has vitamin B1, copper, magnesium, and manganese- all of which produces healthy neurotransmitters.

All the exporters of organic macadamia nuts supply these nuts by reserving all their qualities so that their customers can enjoy all the benefits of these nuts.

So, people should consume macadamia nuts regularly in a moderate amount to live a healthy life.

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