Benefits of Health Treatment through Moxibustion

by Dr. Attilio D'Alberto Acupuncture & Fertility Expert in London

There are different types of acupuncture treatments that have proved their efficiency factor. Some of these treatments use special kinds of herbs and burn them close to the skin while the needles are being inserted at specific acupuncture points. Such procedures have proved to be extremely effective and make it faster to achieve healing. MOXA treatments follow this specific route to treat certain difficult body ailments.


Understanding the benefits of MOXA


MOXA or Moxibustion is basically a kind of acupuncture treatment that has its root way back in ancient china. As per this practice, special medical herbs are being burnt over the specific acupuncture regions or points to provide a certain warming sensation, thus ensuring faster healing process. This specific type of therapeutic treatment is effective in curing certain body ailments like digestive disorders, arthritis, turning a breech baby, and reproductive issues. 


The popularity of MOXA treatments


Although China, Japan, India, and Korea are the countries where this treatment has become exceedingly popular, America and European countries also find it extremely useful when combined with other treatment alternatives to achieve a faster result. The healing power of MOXA treatment is stronger than most of the other therapeutic treatments available presently. 


What types of herbs are being used for the treatment?


Herbs were used for MOXA treatment come exclusively from MUGWORT plant (ARTEMISIA VULGARIS). This is definitely an amazing plant that possesses strong medicinal properties. The stems, roots, leaves, and flowers are burned for therapeutic treatment purpose but the strong odor it generates may make the people uncomfortable. Therefore, when using this specific process, it must be made sure that the room features a proper ventilation to prevent the suffocation that may arise due to such strong smoke. 


Can MOXA help and work wonders in curing ailments?


MOXA has its share of benefits. This type of a therapy can definitely help in providing relief to certain conditions. However, small sessions have proved to be more effective for such a kind of treatment. Also, MOXA treatment points are something that should be considered carefully. The treatment must be carried out by an expert having years of experience in this specific form of acupuncture therapy. If this therapy is handled by inexperienced doctors, scenarios can backfire and create a negative repercussion. MOXA herbs are available in different forms and shapes. It all depends on the kind of acupuncture services being utilized to treat a specific ailment. Accordingly, the herb is being selected. It all depends on personal preferences and styles. However, if the treatment is carried out properly, it can be highly effective in curing critical body difficulties and ailments.


MOXA process has proved to be highly relaxing and soothing. It helps in relaxing the senses and improves the flow of energy through the body in a proper way. The process helps in deep relaxation while improving the concentration of the patient, offering a calming sensation. Opt for this treatment from a professional expert to witness amazing benefits it provides and the strong healing power it generates.

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