Benefits Of Boxing In Women

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Even though boxing is majorly known to be a may sport, women can also participate in boxing and can also compete in different boxing competitions. Just because it is not that famous, it doesn't mean that you can't compete in boxing as a woman.

Many women mostly go to boxing gyms so that they can become fit and also so that they have that amazing body that they've always wanted. Boxing has great benefits to women too and men are not the only ones who can handle the pressure that comes from lifting weights and punching bags.

Though what people don't know is that women can also be as strong as men but people don't believe that. The good thing about women is that they are usually very determined when it comes to working out because they know the goal they want to achieve and they strive to get the body they want because they have struggled a lot with accepting and loving themselves and they want to accept themselves.

The beautiful thing about training in the gym is that you can find like-minded people and you can form a boxing community so that you could have a place where you could freely express yourself and seek advice from other women. Listening to other people's struggles can also help you love yourself more.  This community information also helps women, to assist each other. You can click here to this link where you will understand how boxing training helps women become who they always wanted and motivates them to continue working out despite the struggles.

The benefits include

  • Boxing Enables You To Lose Excess Fat

Boxing is a sport that requires you to put a lot of energy and strength into it, this energy is the best for burning belly fat and toning down your arms. You can burn a lot of weight ranging from 600-800 calories making boxing the greatest sport when you want to lose weight drastically.

The exercises that you will be asked to do by your trainer are pushups, punches, squats and sit-ups are all types of workouts that will assist you in losing all your belly fat.

  • Teaches You Self Defence Skills

As a woman, it is great to learn self-defence skills due to the increased violence and rape cases and once you learn how to defend yourself, you can get out of such situations easily. Boxing is the best sport to teach you self defence skills because you are taught how to throw a punch and block a punch too.

Boxing will allow you to learn how to tackle someone who is trying to harm you and the best first step is to keep a safe distance from your enemy and you will be able to counter any raid that comes your way.

  • Boosts Your Confidence

Boxing is a game that has improved the confidence of many introverted women. Boxing gives you a chance to express yourself and get in an amazing shape that is appealing to your eyes when you look at yourself in the mirror. Once you fall in love with your body, it makes you confident and this is shown even on the outside. You become more outgoing and talkative and people start noticing this new change in you immediately.

  • Ameliorates Stress

When you feel stressed and many thoughts are running in your mind, you always feel like punching something or breaking something. Boxing is the best place to relieve the stress that is inside you through punching bags. As you punch the bag your body releases endorphins hormones which are great stress reliever hormones.

  • Great Exercise For Other Sports Players

Boxing training has also been used by other athletes to boost their fitness and players from volleyball, soccer, hockey, swimming and running. Athletes choose to incorporate boxing training in their training workouts because it improves their aerobic dispositions and we are going to learn more about aerobic dispositions, anaerobic and lactic disposition.

  • Aerobic dispositions - this form of dispositions allows you to perform steady-state cardio such as running, swimming, cycling and jogging.
  • Anaerobic dispositions- this is the ability that you have and allows you to perform intense exercises in 10 seconds. When you put too much pressure on your body, your body releases lactic acid onto your muscles which forces you to stop training. Boxing can improve your muscle strength and help you fight such issues.
  • Alactic dispositions - this is the ability to perform very intense workouts in 10 seconds.  It also refers to the amount of energy you can exact as a boxer or as an athlete in another game.  The strength will be achieved when you do a couple of boxing drills often.


Boxing is a great training sport as we have seen above and it has several benefits in women as in men.

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