Benefits associated with fingerprint time attendance.

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Biometrics or fingerprint time attendance technology can be used as a type of employee time management system because of its ability to recognize people’s unique physiological characteristics. Biometrics based time and attendance terminals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market because of their many benefits. Because biometrics terminals read a person’s unique fingerprint, iris, hand shape, or face shape, they ensure that employees cannot clock in for one another, thereby preventing employee time theft.

One of the most prevalent biometric technologies is the fingerprint recognition system; by placing a finger on the scanner, the time clock terminal reads the fingerprint and allows the person to clock in or out. Learn more about how fingerprint biometric time clocks work.

Another biometrics terminal that Acumen boasts of has the ability to recognize hand shape and size. I originally assumed that the device was capturing a three dimensional image of the hand being scanned when I first saw the system. However, in reality, it captures unique “minutia points” on the hand of the employee and measures between the points, then hashes the measurement to a single unique value that is transmitted for verification.

This technology is not restricted to just hands and fingers; there are terminals that scan a person’s iris to recognize the individual. Additionally, certain systems capture an image of a person’s unique face shape and use this to allow employees access to features on the terminal.

One of the newest and most interesting types of fingerprint time attendance technology deals with recognizing the distinctive patterns that veins make in a person’s hand. Because these patterns are intricate and highly complex, it is nearly impossible for one person to clock in as another. The technology, therefore, has very low false acceptance and false rejection rates and is used in especially high security areas.

In this way, biometrics technology is very useful both in helping businesses feel secure and in eliminating employee time theft, as it relies on personal characteristics that vary between individuals. The wide variety of easy to use terminals ensures that biometrics is a smart (and cool) solution when deciding what kind of time and attendance system to purchase for your company.

A fingerprint time attendance system tends to increase the accuracy of payroll in each and every pay period. When attendance used to be kept using paperwork it would take hours to go over every single employee’s time sheet, and then enter it into the computer system to print checks.

By using biometric attendance systems, companies can curtail the amount of time spent on payroll each period. The system intensely reduces the time it takes to put a 100% accurate report: around 20 minutes or so.

Along with augmenting the accuracy of the payroll department, biometrics time attendance can also reduce the burden on a payroll department.

No longer do employees need to keep files upon files of paperwork or spend time scanning the documents into the system in order to print checks.

A biometrics time attendance system will reduce the amount of paperwork the payroll department has to complete each pay period and offers a place for all employees to check their hours worked, PTO earned and PTO used year-to-date.

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