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The scorching temperature is at its peak and here’s when we need the air conditioners as our savior! Surviving the summer without an air conditioner is impossible to imagine but the heat can be perfectly beaten with a right choice of air conditioner. But how do you select the right AC out of the many offerings across many ac manufacturing companies in the country?

Here’s a list of 5 key factors and latest trends you need to consider when looking for an AC:


The very first choice to make is the type of air conditioner you want. Split and window ACs are the most common types of air conditioners in India. Split ACs are usually more energy efficient, faster and quieter than other air conditioners. Also, they can be fit anywhere on the wall and the room does not need to have a window. As the name suggests, window ACs are mounted on the window pane. They are more suitable for small spaces and cheaper to install as compared to split air conditioners.


When buying an air conditioner, the size of the room is one of the most important factors to consider. Buying the right AC as per your rooms requirement leads to ideal consumption of energy and lower electricity bills.


The air conditioners that offer more energy efficiency, consume less electricity and meet up your requirements should be preferred over the others. Air conditioners in India come with energy star ratings ranging from 1-5 indicating the power consumption level of these air conditioners. The ACs with higher rating, ensure minimum energy consumption and lower electricity bill.


Apart from the marketing features it is also important to look for the quality features than an air conditioner provides. Such as the coils used inside the air conditioners.

The copper coils are usually the more expensive ones but are certainly better performing and long lasting as compared to the aluminum coils who are relatively cheaper but their life durability is lower.


The air conditioners have a complex technical mechanism which require constant care and check. It’s very important to get the servicing for the air conditioners done at least twice a year. Constant check and servicing is a must for an air conditioner even if they are working well. Opting for a brand which provide good and regular servicing is a factor that needs to be considered before buying an air conditioner in India.


Nowadays, more and more ac manufacturing companies are equipping their AC’s with inverter technology. It’s a step towards smarter air conditioning which offer high energy efficiency and low electricity bills. These ACs are resistant to high fluctuations and hence have a loner life durability. The compressor inside an inverter air conditioner is always on because of which the power and speed can be adjusted according to the need. Which makes them efficient, quieter and offer low operating cost.

Here’s what inverter technology brings to the table:

 Quick and consistent cooling

 Less noise

 Longer life

Higher efficiency

So the next time you go AC shopping, keep the above pointers in mind to buy the right AC that best suits your needs.

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