Before Buying Diamonds, Know Diamond Grading

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If you're interested in buying diamonds, it's important to make an informed purchase. Precious stone reviewing reports diagram the novel attributes of the pearl to guarantee you get the greatest adornments at the best cost. Gemological research facilities utilize a general precious stone evaluating framework to rate all parts of the pearl. Each diamond's individual characteristics are listed on the diamond grading scale certificate so shoppers can find their personalized, desired combination when buying diamonds. Industry experts report the 4 C's on the certificate: diamond cuts, color, clarity, and carat weight.


Diamond CUTS are the only one of the 4 C's that is not naturally produced. Diamond cuts are a direct reflection of the cutter, who has to have the precision and skill of chiseling facets onto the face of the gem. Not to be confused with the shape of the diamond, cuts determine the amount of light that it will reflect. Diamond cuts ultimately determine the gem's brilliance.


On a diamond grading certificate, the diamonds COLOR is listed according to a specific scale. The scale lists the diamonds color from colorless, D, to yellow, Z. In high quality jewelry, a diamonds color is D, permitting the best reflection of light. A diamonds color can be considered "fancy" if it is visibly hued, like pink, green, or red diamonds.


Rated at 10x magnification, the diamond CLARITY lists any inclusions or blemishes of the gem. Inclusions, internal characteristics, are typically naturally grown crystals, feathers or clouds. Blemishes, external imperfections, include scratches or chips on the surface of the diamond. Clarity determines the value of the diamond and a flawless gem, one with the least possible number of imperfections, is most sought after when buying diamonds.


The final of the 4 C's, CARAT WEIGHT, is a measure of the weight and size of the Lab grown diamonds. A carat equals 0.2 grams and the typical diamond has a carat weight between 0.01 and 1.00. If the other components of the 4 C's are equal, the diamond of higher quality jewelry will be larger and have the most carat weight. Price is most likely to be impacted by carat weight so it's an important consideration when buying diamonds.


The 4 C's are crucial to diamond grading by objectively assessing a diamond's quality. Jewelry shopping is personal; those buying diamonds need to find their own perfect blend of the 4 C's. Consult jewelry experts to ensure that you are fully informed before making your valuable investment in buying diamonds.

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