Becoming an Android App Developer in 2020

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

Become a successful Android App Developer in Sydney. Read this article and know in detail how one can achieve and become a skilful developer in the year 2020. 

As technology continues to progress, a vast majority of the population have started to rely on smartphones on an everyday basis. The popularity of Android has taken the world by a storm, creating a huge surge in development of innovative Android apps. The developers keep on updating their skills and knowledge to emerge successful in their field. To become an android app developer in Sydney in 2020 opens up a lot of bright opportunities for newcomers as well as experienced workers.  

Development of android apps fulfils every criterion of being considered a good career opportunity. Even if one is a beginner, they can look forward to learning new sets of skills in mobile app developing. Here is a detailed guide on how to progress in this field and become a reputed developer of android apps. 


Learning about the developmental tools 

When it concerns professional development of android apps, one has to be aware of the important programming languages such as Java, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, ADT plugin and many more. One can build android apps in all kinds of devices such as a MacBook, PC or even in Linux. All these tools are free.  

The Android SDK is a significant development tool for android apps. It includes the required libraries, an emulator, debugger, sample source codes, documentation for android program interfaces and other tutorials. One can download this separately while the third party add ons can also be availed. Another common method is the Integrated Development Environment or IDE. for Android, the recommended IDE is the Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin. With this IDE, the developer can use all features like highlighting the syntax, package organisation, API documentation. 


Learning about programming languages 

For the development and designing of Android applications, there are various programming languages that one should have knowledge of.   


  • Java -  This is the official programming language for Android as well as supported by Google. Java has a steady online community which provides support in case of any technical difficulty. For the beginners, this language might be a bit complicated since it consists of complicated topics such as null pointer exceptions, constructors, checked exceptions and others. This object-oriented language for programming does not have a simplified syntax. One also needs to do a lot of coding for this. Still, Java is proved to be widely used across the globe.   


  • Kotlin- This is a cross-platform android app programming language which the developers use as an alternative to Java. it is the secondary android official language, although it co-operates with Java. Kotlin works without superfluous features, such as Java or the null pointer exceptions. The developer does not face the need to end every sentence with a semicolon. It also forms a constructive entry point for android app developing.


  • C++ -  C/C++ is provided by Android studio by making use of the native development kit. Here the developers wrote codes which do not run on Java Virtual machine. Rather, it is able to function natively on every device, giving one extreme control over memory. C++ is harder to set up, there are more chances of bugs and is also comparatively less flexible. 


  • Corona - A simplified android app programming language, the developers acquire a fair amount of control. The coding is done in LUA and it supports all the native libraries. This way, one can publish the android app to different platforms. Although used mostly for building games, the developer can also use it in a number of different other ways.    


Knowing to use the Android Application lifecycle  

The operating system of android being very different, the developer should have a complete and exceptional grasp over it. While developing mobile applications, one should be able to code while also handling the other external elements. Hence, knowing about the lifecycle of android application development is crucial. Only then, one can become a proficient developer who can design user-friendly apps with enhanced performance boosters. 

There are many more considerations which one requires to learn and adapt in order to become a reputed and knowledgeable developer and be chosen by the app development company. One should simply keep in practising and reading more about it. 


Rob Stephen is one of the best Android App Developers in Sydney working with GetAProgrammer. Here the author has explained and written about the different ways one can become a successful developer in 2020.

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