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by Suphie Fresca African designed materials

Everywhere you go, you will find from celebrities to commoners wearing the fashionable clothes made up with African fabrics. These fabrics became the relevant part of textile industry exporting the colourful fabrics from one place to another. Within few years, the fabrics gained huge popularity and credit for such enormous fame goes to beautiful designs, colours and high quality. Each of these colours provides cultural significance of Africans. The elegant embroidery designs and patterns reflecting the rich cultures and histories have a lot to talk about the rich African heritage.

So, are you fascinated by the immense beauty of African fabrics? If you think you must go stylish, here are some of the best ones that you will find in every African fabric store in the market.


Dyed Brocade is one of the essential fabrics found in West Africa. This fabric comes from Mali which globally distributes; the fabrics dyed with hand using the materials locally available such as soda ash, mud and plants are then left out open in the sun for drying. After getting it fully dried, embroidery designs, knotting, wax-stamping or painting are achieved containing finest ones. They are then packaged for sale.


Kente is one of the essential varieties of African fabrics that are made in Ghana. The name ‘Kente’ has been derived from ‘Kenten’, the basket. The unique point of the fabrics is they are hand-woven with patterns of cotton ball thread having similarity with the basket. If you want to buy African fabric online, you pick Kente. Though in the market you will find many Kente fabrics but the patterns used differ from that of one another. The fabrics come in different patterns with different colours such as purple, blue, yellow and red.

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