Bare Activities for Healthy Male Organ Skin

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Good, healthy male organ skin makes a man’s member appear much more appealing to a potential partner – and it’s better for male organ health as well, of course. There are many things a man can do to attend to the health of his member skin, including keeping it well moisturized and away from harsh chemicals and ingredients. But another step a man can take is one of the easiest – simply letting the manhood air out. Engaging in simple activities while bare can be a plus for healthy manhood skin. 

For centuries, experts have extolled the benefits of fresh air on general well-being, including its effect on skin health. In the 19th century, many people were proponents of “airbathing,” which is simply letting the body experience the natural breezes and sunshine of the outdoors. It’s believed that “airing out” can have benefits in terms of  oxygenating the skin, improving blood circulation (which also benefits skin health) and allowing perspiration to remove waste products from the body into the air (rather than releasing them into clothing, where they then settle back down onto the skin). So allowing the male organ skin to also air out, whether indoors or outside, can be beneficial. 


Clearly, all a man has to do to air out the member skin is walk around without clothing. But for those who want a little more activity while bare, the following are some options to consider. (Remember, with the member exposed, some basic caution may need to be taken to avoid damage from overexposure to light, contact with objects, etc.)

- Clean the house in the buff. As long as a guy is careful with the vacuum cleaner hose and the cleaning fluids, there’s no reason he can’t make his abode tidier and more livable while letting his manhood get some fresh air. As an added bonus, many partners find watching a man engage in housework while unclothed to be very sensual – often leading to a reward for a job well done.

- Play badminton. If the backyard has a reliable privacy fence, get out the net, rackets and birdies and see how well two eager partners can hit that shuttlecock. A couple of tips: Wearing sneakers may be a good idea to avoid falls. And don’t stay outside for very long in strong sunlight, as male organ skin burns easily.

- Or croquet. Pound a couple of poles into the ground, set up the wickets and get the balls rolling. As with badminton, shoes and limited exposure to harsh sunlight are suggested.

- Exercise. Whether doing yoga stretches, lifting weights or spinning, exercising in the buff has a special feeling to it. The ancient Greeks did it all the time – and who’s going to argue with the classics?

- Make music. Pick up that guitar that’s been gathering dust or sit down at the piano and see what comes back to you. Since music is essentially all about vibrations, it’s fun to see how the unclothed body experiences that vibrations and how it differs from when a person is clothed.

- Play poker. If all the players are bare, no one can be hiding any aces up their sleeves. 

Spending time bare can benefit male organ skin, but those benefits will increase if a guy also regularly uses a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on his member. Male organ skin needs to be appropriately moisturized to be healthy, so select a crème that contains both a high-end emollient (Shea butter is an excellent one) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E is a fine choice). Member skin also can be harmed by the oxidative stress that free radicals can bring. A crème with a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, can provide the kind of protection delicate skin requires.

Visit for additional information on most common manhood health issues, tips on improving member sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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