Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable flooring stock

by Saanvi Arora Wooden Flooring
Bamboo flooring has speedily become an option to hardwood flooring in both domestic and commercial fields. Bamboo is a grass, belonging to China, meaning that it is an extremely renewable source. As it is a natural good, it can produce both an artistic and contemporary feel to your home and is accessible in a variety of styles, colours and glazes.
Here are a few ideas by Bamboo Flooring Manufacturers in India of why bamboo flooring is an attractive option:
1)   Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable flooring stock
2)   Bamboo is still a common commodity giving luxury and style
3)   Bamboo is more active than wooden floors
4)   Bamboo flooring is an economical option than hardwood flooring
5)   Bamboo flooring is prompt and easy to fit
6)   Bamboo flooring can be used with underfloor heat and loose set over an underlay
7)   Bamboo flooring is also moisture-resistant than hardwood floors
8)   Bamboo flooring is prompt and easy to look after
Bamboo flooring arrangements
There are three various ways in which the bamboo flooring planks are created: horizontal, vertical and strand weaved. Flat bamboo flooring is composed of layers of bamboo being glued together horizontally, giving a more comprehensive and more visible texture. 

Vertical bamboo is created from parts of bamboo glued together vertically to produce a thinner and less visible fabric. Strand made bamboo is formed from strands of bamboo, woven together and pressed to form a plank of flooring. This generates a random grain with extreme power and strength.
Bamboo flooring can also be seen in either a stable format or engineered boards.
Bamboo flooring form examples
There are two main types of form or fitting system, for bamboo floors: tongue and groove and a proper click system. Bamboo floors planks with a tongue and groove form require to be placed in the usual way, where the language fits into the channel tightly so that at least gap is left within flooring planks. Alternatively, bamboo flooring with a suitable click system is more candid. The planks will click and lock collectively into place.
Bamboo flooring shades and coatings
Bamboo flooring is accessible in two primary colour varieties: natural and carbonised. Natural bamboo flooring is as the name implies – it is the actual colour of bamboo, whereas carbonised bamboo flooring has been smudged to give light and dark brown colours.
Bamboo Flooring Cost in India 
Bamboo flooring can be obtained at the cost of hardwood flooring because the raw elements are very renewable, making bamboo far more affordable than wood. The price of bamboo floors can vary depending upon the type of the boards; for example, strand woven bamboo flooring is marginally extra valuable than usual or regular bamboo flooring. 
The maintenance of bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring is effortless to manage and look after. Follow these easy tips to keep your bamboo floor viewing as vibrant as the day it was launched:
1)   Clean your bamboo floor daily using a pure bristle brush
2)   Clean your bamboo floor weekly using a PH neutral wood floor cleaner/j
3)   Assure that you clean up any spills or turns quickly to prevent water from entering your level
4)   It is desirable to use doormats at all entry gates to stop dust from outer entering your bamboo platform
5)   Do not step on your bamboo floor with rustic footwear
6)   Preserve your level from damages by joining  front rooms to the back of parts
7)   Do not use any acidic or harsh products to clean your bamboo floor as they can cause damage

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