Ball Bearings: Bearing Machines with Balls as Rolling Element

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A rolling-element bearing that operates with balls for maintaining the separation between the moving inner and outer part of the bearings is called a ball bearing. This machine element is durable in operation, easy to maintain and possess a simple design. The ball bearings are also available in design variants of single and double row, sealed or open.

The main function of a ball bearing is reducing rotational friction and support axial and radial loads. This machine accomplishes this by using a minimum of two races for holding the balls and transmitting the load through the balls. In most cases, one of these two races is stationary while the other is fixed to the rotating assembly.

The rotating case of this rolling element bearing, makes the balls rotate as well. The rotating balls possess a lower friction coefficient than two flat sliding surfaces. The ball bearings cannot tolerate a large amount of load because of a smaller area of contact between the races and the balls. Though they can endure a little misalignment of the outer and inner races.

Types of Ball Bearings

The rolling element bearings are subdivided into two parts, ball bearings and roller bearings. The ball bearings are further divided into different types. Ball bearing supplier in Gujarat promises ball bearing machines of different designs, they are as follows:

• Deep Groove Ball Bearings: Deep groove ball bearings are the most popular and commonly used type. Mainly because of their simple design, these types of ball bearings are very user friendly and easy to maintain. Hence this design is used in a wide range of applications. Along with the radial forces, this variety of ball bearing absorbs the axial forces of both directions. This design is also suitable for high speeds because of the low torque.

• Angular Contact Ball Bearings: As the name goes, the angular contact ball bearings features a contact angle. Therefore the forces are transported from one race to another at a certain angle. Hence this variety of ball bearing is suitable for applications like combined load where along with radial force, high axial forces are transferred.

• Self Aligning Ball Bearing: The self-aligning ball bearing is comprised of a double row of balls which is covered by a cage and double row inner ring raceway. This variety has a special feature of an outer ring race, which is spherical and continuous and allows the inner ring and balls to pivot within the outer ring. This enables an extent of self-alignment in the application. This design is apt for absorbing radial forces.

• Thrust Ball Bearings: Thrust Ball Bearing contains two bearing discs with two races for the balls. Thrust ball bearings are formulated mainly for the absorption of axial forces only in one direction which means ball bearings of this design can track down the shaft axially from one direction.

Trade and Commerce

There are a number of companies in India that produces and distributes ball bearings. Ball Bearing manufacturer in Gujarat produces these rolling element bearings of different designs. These companies employ superior quality raw materials and the latest technologies, as per the international standards, for maintaining the quality and safety of these products. They also provide prompt logistic services to their customers.

These companies also ensure customer satisfaction and therefore customise the products as requested. These companies are also engaged as ball bearing exporter in India by ensuring precise measurement, rigid structure and also following measures for easy maintenance.

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