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Sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles develop gradually when skin loses its elasticity and collagen production reduces (major proteins required for face firming). There are many internal and external factors that cause the skin to suffer below mentioned anti-aging symptoms.

Wrinkles & Fine Lines - Dynamic wrinkles usually happen as a result of facial expression. But when we age, these wrinkles become more prominent. At the age of 30, this is the first visible aging symptom.

Loss of Volume - Sagging skin on the cheeks and appearance of a turkey neck turns the overall appearance of the face negatively. These symptoms happen due to the loss of volume.

Reduced Elasticity and Deep Wrinkles - When skin matures, it drops the elasticity, firmness and makes face structure weak. It starts becoming drier and loses its glow. 

Causes of Anti-Ageing Symptoms:

No doubt, the biological age affects cell functionality and causes unwanted changes on the face. There are many internal and external causes, responsible for anti-aging symptoms:

Internal Factors:

Hormonal Influences – Imbalanced production of estrogen intervenes in the messaging between cells. Dropped estrogen production makes cells thinner with less elasticity, leads to wrinkles and fine lines.

Poor Blood Circulation – Our body needs good blood circulation to get the nutrients and oxygen, required for a healthy texture. But when there is poor blood circulation, it turns into a dull texture.

Genetics – People with sensitive skin are more likely to face anti-aging symptoms at an early age. It may occur due to the genetic phototype I - II, he/she is born with. If a person has phototype III, he/she may suffer an uneven skin tone.

External Factors:

Sun – No doubt, sunlight is needed to get vitamin D, while its UV rays cause harmful effects on the skin. Photo-aging and uneven pigmentation are the most visible signs of aging.

Pollution – Environmental effects worsen the sun exposure results on the body by stimulating oxidative stress.

Smoking – Cigarettes and nicotine are responsible to increase the free radicals and strengthens sun exposure consequence on the skin.

Lack of skin care – Did you know that a neglected care routine may harm the skin badly? Face firming can be lost; if the right care products are not included in the skincare kit. 

Herbal product online shopping assists to find the best treatment solution and overcome the sagging problem. BIOAYURVEDA’s Magical Mud Firming Face Pack Crème is the Ayurvedic solution to tighten the skin. As it has been prepared with herb extracts and essential natural oils, it delivers the below-mentioned results.

Benefits of Magical Mud Firming Face Pack Cream:

  • Diminish the fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stimulate collagen level

  • Tightens and plumps the sagging skin

  • Promotes skin growth and repair

  • Faster recovers the damaged cells

To understand the execution of this face firming face pack cream, we must go through the ingredients used in this product:

Flaxseed the main ingredient of this face pack cream provides essential fatty acids that help to get the tightened skin back. It effectively recovers the damaged cells and delays the anti-aging symptoms. 

Almond oil enriched with vitamin E, undoubtedly helps to regenerate the new cells, keeps skin hydrated and moisturized. It ahead reduces the fine line and wrinkles. 

Sandalwood oil is one of the therapeutic and preservative substances used in this face pack cream. It aids in reducing the symptoms of aging such as dry skin and wrinkles.

Coconut oil contains collagen properties hence it works to stimulate collagen level, repairs the damaged cells and lightens the scars.

Magnesium enriched Chickpeas are helpful to diminish the wrinkles and fine lines. It also aids to prevent premature wrinkles and increase the elasticity.

Saffron is contained of many vitamins and antioxidants hence they directly help to enhance the blood circulation, heals damaged cells and provides effective results to give radiant skin.

Kaolinite clay is known for its purifying, UV defense and healing properties. Hence, it gently cleanses the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This clay makes skin more toned and tightened. 

The inclusion of Pistachios enables this face firming face pack cream to fight against free radicals, moisturizes and improves elasticity.

Orange has been included in this face pack cream that keeps skin moisturized, refreshed and toned. Lemongrass oil and Multani mitti are the other important ingredients of Magical Mud Firming Face Pack Crème help to overcome the anti-aging effects. 

Above mentioned all ingredients play a vital role to bring effective results for healthy skin. Ayurvedic online store in India offers a range of products of BIOAYURVEDA from skincare to hair care, must add in beauty care kit.

Summary –We usually assume that aging is the only reason for fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. There are many reasons that directly and indirectly affect our skin and cause unwanted symptoms.  Ayurvedic face firming creams have proven a helping hand to depress the anti-aging symptoms as well as assist to get back the elasticity and collagen level.

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