Automatic Parts Washer: A Simple Solution To Increase Efficiency And Productivity


Using a parts washer is an effective and efficient solution to increasing operational productivity in businesses worldwide. Whether it’s a manufacturing business, an automotive business, or an engineering business, a parts washer will streamline the ability to clean any workpiece needed to carry out everyday procedures. Businesses that use this format of cleaning will see an increase in productivity by more than 15%, and the labor required for industrial sanitization will decrease drastically.

The idea of a parts washer isn’t new to the industry. They were first introduced to automotive transmission and engine shops to improve the efficiency of soak tanks in the 1960’s. Before having a parts washer, these automotive shops would degrease workpieces in a large vat filled with detergent. It took several hours to soften the build-up of grime, tar, or oil enough to be manually cleaned off prior to being disassembled, repaired, or reassembled. 

Similar to a soak tank, a parts washer will degrease and remove contaminants from any workpiece — but the difference is how much time and labor the process of cleaning parts in a soak tank took. These automatic washers relieved the timeliness and labor-intensiveness of soak tanks, creating a more efficient way of cleaning. And a more efficient business operation as well. 

What is a parts washer?

A parts washer is a piece of machinery that businesses use to remove contaminants and debri from workpieces. They took the place of soak tanks in the 1960’s to clean parts more efficiently than simply submerging the parts in water and solvent. 

How does a parts washer work?

A parts washer works by using high heat and jet stream water to deteriorate anything from grease to solid matter on small or large parts. The parts are cleaned automatically in an enclosed cabinet that carries out the entire process of cleaning — from loading, washing, and rinsing to drying and unloading. 

A parts washer can clean the majority of workpieces in an industrial facility, including nuts, bolts, screws, engine blocks, and rail bearings. 

Why use a parts washer?

A parts washer can increase productivity in your workplace by more than 15%. For companies who are in the business of growth and profitability, this automatic innovation is an essential addition for streamlining practices. 

What is a parts washer solvent?

Parts washer solvent is the mixture used in any solvent-based parts washer to clean off the dirt, grease, or grime from the workpieces being washed. 

Any solvent-based parts washer will require impeccable record keeping and manifesting, hazardous materials handling charges, as well as the heavy use of PPE for any employee using the solvent-based parts washer. 

Can parts washer solvent be shipped internationally?

It’s dangerous to ship hazardous materials like parts washer solvents.

To avoid this roadblock, a water-based parts washer is free of those hazardous solvents and can be easily maintained with a wash fluid made up almost entirely of water.

What is a water-based parts washer?

A water-based parts washer is an environmentally-friendly alternative to toxic degreasing methods used by a solvent-based parts washer. It also relieves the stress of keeping inventory of solvents by hazardously shipping them. 

Vital Manufacturing Inc. makes three styles of parts washers that all operate with 95% water-based wash fluids, eliminating the hassle and toxicity of using harsh chemicals.

Where to buy a parts washer?

You can buy a parts washer from Vital Manufacturing Inc., a leading manufacturer in water-based parts washers. With three different models, Vital Manufacturing Inc. has an automatic washer for any need.

Their VPW-1924 is known as the best value in the industry, packing an efficient punch for its relatively small size. This model has a 19" turn-table, a working height of 24”, and a roll-in door. 

With a 30” turn-table and a working height of 40”, Vital Manufacturing Inc. builds a parts washer model that is the perfect size for almost any part washing job. This model is their VPW-3040, and is a completely hassle-free operation. 

Their third model is the VPW-4260. With a 2,500 lb turntable capacity, Vital Manufacturing Inc,’s largest parts washer features a 42” turn-table and 60” working height. 

A water-based parts washer from Vital Manufacturing Inc. is an environmentally-friendly solution to inc

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