Automatic Aluminum Doors in Pakistan

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An aluminum door is fixed in the way of a door or opens the walls of a house or building in the assembly of the house. Door frames and doors and windows are mainly two parts, namely, door frames and doors and windows, doors can be opened for access to buildings, rooms or closed for security or privacy reasons. Depending on the material, there are a variety of doors on the market, such as wooden doors, iron doors, PVC or plastic doors, and aluminum doors. Today, aluminum doors, windows, and glass are widely used throughout the day.

Aluminum Doors

The standard extrusion portion of the aluminum alloy is used in the manufacture of aluminum doors. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of these extrusions should meet IS requirements.

Aluminum is anodized by the manufacturing unit with the help of an electric coating plant. It should be uniform with no color changes. The outer surface of the aluminum member is up to 30 microns in a variety of colors, such as silver, champagne, bronze, and black. A safe scaling system ensures the long-lasting completion of persistent applications.

Fixing Door Frame

Stack the aluminum door frame on the platform so that it remains in its true shape and is not damaged.

Depending on the thickness of the cement gypsum on the side of the door, keep the aluminum door frame size smaller than the opening size.

Repairing the door frame, either by cutting bricks or removing mops near bricks and avoiding sticking to jam, looks ugly because usually aluminum door frames are made either equal to or have almost no edge opening size.

Use slotted, adjustable, galvanized, and steel lugs with 100x16x3 mm aluminum doors.

Use 8 no hooks, 4 No. On both sides of the door frame, maintain heights of 45 cm, 109 cm, 139 cm, and 188.5 cm.

Apply thick transparent paint to the automatic aluminum door frame to protect the surface from wet cement during installation before the aluminum door is secured in place.

Check the size of the opening for obstacles. After marking the location of the mud, holes should be made in the masonry and fix with cement concrete mixed in a ratio of 1:3:6.

After filling with viscose cement and plaster, finally set the fill.

Aluminum Doors


Aluminum doors provide stability.

These doors are easy to buy.

Their maintenance is easy.

Aluminum doors are the first choice for houses with modern designs.

They provide weatherproof performance.

The aluminum door does not rust


The aluminum door oxidizes. This oxidation is shown as white residues and pits.

Aluminum is easily soil by water.

Aluminum can corrode quickly without proper electrolytic precautions

Compared to standard welding, aluminum welding requires specialized equipment and training.

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