Auto Repair Industry & the Right to Repair: What's the matter?

by Muhammad Waleed Digital Marketer

Belonging to the repair industry, you must have heard the term' right to repair.' The law has been in the limelight for the past decade. While understanding the complexity of repairs related to automobiles and advanced cars, one must recognize this legislation as well.

The law is explicitly about the repairs. It covers the sections that allow consumers to repair and modify their own devices. Be it your smartphones, vehicles, tractors, or any two or four-wheeler. The law has been gaining mass traction in the automotive industry since the people of Massachusetts announced their support.

While the automakers want to repair their manufactured automobiles all by themselves, but the audience wishes and fights for their right to repair. It means everyone wants to take it to the best, most cost-effective repair shop.

History of right-to-repair legislation.

Basically, Massachusetts was the first state who supported and promoted the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair in 2012. They succeeded with 86% votes. They say that auto manufacturers should provide a document with the necessary details. So, the car can be repaired independently.

Going back into the 90s, when electronics took over manual processes, technological advancements changed the landscape, and most of the labor work was replaced by the auto repair shop software in the automotive garages; as a result, our assumption that we can repair everything was proved wrong. That's what Right to Repair did.

So, in reaction to this regulation, Massachusetts started a campaign to gather votes to use Right to Repair in their favor. It was specifically for cars that stated:

If your vehicle gets damaged and you wish to repair it on your own or by your local mechanic, nobody can stop you. Vehicle manufacturers can't claim it illegal or interfere if anyone wants to fix their car on their own. They should be helping in the way that they have to provide the information, parts, and tools that you need.

Similarly, many other companies joined the bandwagon and spoke for their rights to repair. iFixit was leading in this cause and helped local repair shops to pass the law ever since, but it hasn't passed yet worldwide.


There are two views going hand in hand right here. On one side, in the automotive and electronic industry, have this fight to make things more repairable.


While, on the other hand (talking especially about smartphones), new launches are designed to make things less repairable over time. Let's say, for instance, when we see Apple phones, glued batteries, in-screen fingerprint censors, etc. makes the product almost zero-repairable.

That is the clear trend that this whole industry is on. Is that fair? With everything inside the product (cellphone), what you'll repair? Also, what will the manufacturer help with? This means that, in the current situation, the use and need of manuals are almost outdated.

When it comes to the automotive repair industry, things haven't changed a lot. Just because of the nature of automobiles, they are more repairable, and thus auto repair shops are working as they used to do. But, you never know when you have to take your hands up in new vehicles start coming up with more inbuilt features and technology.

What Massachusetts' New Right-to-Repair Law Means for Small Auto Repair Shops


The public of Massachusetts went to the polls and asked for their rights. They voted to ask automakers to use an open-source and combined system for telematics on all cars. A telematics system controls all the information related to your car.

They gained a good number of votes and starting with the 2022 model cars, automakers have agreed to it. Yet, no other state can enjoy this right, and only the automotive industry located within the premises can claim for it. Without further agreement from the automotive industry, the law will stay in Massachusetts. In the counter feedback, the automotive manufacturers have issued a challenge to the new law approved by the voters.

The voters are on the right path. The restriction of information only does good to the manufacturers and plays a negative role for both the car owner and independent repair shops. But in technical terms, taking control via telematics is just the beginning of how automakers are shifting the landscape to become the single source for repairs for the vehicles they build.

With all the information locked and hidden from the local repair technicians, the manufacturers are basically turning down all the independent repair shops and home mechanics.

Right to repair is the notion and ideology that gives the basic rights to the public. It is not about fighting against the manufacturers. It is about ensuring consumers that they can repair and modify things they've bought themselves or through a repair technician they trust.

You Have to Fight For "Your Right to Repair" Your Car

Although automobiles are more prone to repairs, modern cars are built with the idea of processing computerized data and connected devices. The automotive industry faces the dilemma of not having the information they need to repair their client's vehicles appropriately.

How to fight for your right to repair? This is your right to repair!


Step 1: Find Your Location

Right to Repair is coming down to the state level and will most likely interfere with what happens at the state legislature level. Every individual voice is important to get this right.

Step 2: Get Involved

To win this battle for the whole community, the automotive repair industry needs everyone's input. You need to work together and have enough energy to pass "Fair Repair" legislation and protect independent repair shops everywhere.

Step 3: Build the Union

Spread the word and involve your fellows in the movement. The more people you get, the stronger you'll become. When there's unity, there are better chances that we'll have of getting bills passed. You can also help raise awareness using the hashtag #RightToRepair on social media.


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