Auto Parts Mould- The Why And Why Not?

by Jacob Williams Hqmould - Plastic Mould Factory

Plastic is a material that is used in auto parts manufacturing. You may wonder how plastic could of be used in the car manufacturing. The automotive parts made of plastic are proven to be equal o even superior to the metal parts. If you wonder how?’ it is because of the advances in the field of polymers have made it an ideal material to be used along with the metals especially, in the automobiles. Now you have a number of Auto Parts Mould that is used in automobiles. You must also know that the impetus is due to the development of a plastic injection moulding process that is quick and responsive by providing a large volume of auto parts within a short time.

Why is plastic injection moulding used to make automotive parts?

Plastic injection molding is used extensively for different parts of the automobile not excluding even the gears. The advantages of having auto parts molded of plastic are many and this has prompted Plastic Injection Mould Suppliers of China engaged in the manufacture and selling of the same. The Auto parts made using themoulds are used because of the advantages they offer. It includes

·        The lesser density of plastic molded parts that would reduce the overall density of the part and the vehicle.

·         Lesser Friction

·         Lesser noise

·         Reduction in damages that result due to corrosion or rusting of metal parts

·         It is safer for use even in wet environments

Are plastic molded parts, all good?

Though plastics seem to score high on many features, you may also have certain disadvantages in using them for auto parts mould. It includes

·         The inherent weakness of plastic

·         The plastic used for auto parts moulds could be expensive than the base metals that are usually employed

·         They do not retain the high tolerances of the metal counterparts.

·         Temperature and humid conditions may lead to change in shape

·         Plastic molds could be less stable than the metal moulds.

The plastic injection moulded parts.

When you are talking about Plastic injection moulding methods is use despite the disadvantages in making auto parts because the injection method establishes a metal plastic bonding that is quite useful. The types of plastics used for this purpose include polyphenylene sulfide and polybutylene terephthalate. The reason for it being the properties such as interface affinity, lesser shrinkage, and surface transferability.


Plastic injection mould suppliers of china sell their auto mould parts under the brand name HQmould and are responsible for producing quality plastic moulded auto parts of high quality in large numbers to meet the demand. Their products are moulded using metals of adhesion grade as well of quality plastic grades that are suitable for adhesion. This helps you get auto parts with additional functionality.

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The author has clearly indicated the efficiency-level of modern mould maker especially plastic injection mould suppliers of China.

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