ATM Owners Need to Source BPA-Free Thermal Paper Rolls for Customer Safety

by Pritam Singh Business

The queues outside ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) never seem to get shorter as more and more people have begun using these machines for the convenience they offer. To begin with, they remain operational 24 x 7 x 365 and this allows people to withdraw or deposit cash even at midnight or early morning. ATMs should therefore, always have enough thermal paper to provide transaction receipts to all the customers using them to withdraw or deposit cash. The best ATM Thermal Paper Rolls Suppliers always have sufficient quantities of the paper to supply to the ATM owners on a regular basis.

Why ATMs need thermal paper to print receipts

Although ATMs save a lot of time and money for both the owners, who are mostly banks, and the end users or customers, there is scope for more savings for the owners. This is in the form of transaction receipts that the ATMs generate, for which it is ideal to use thermal paper that doesn’t require ink or ribbons to print. On thermal paper, the printing takes place via heat transfer through the print heads onto the substrate or thermal paper. This paper has a chemical coating that reacts to the heat exposure and produces the print output. Quality thermal paper rolls manufacturers use non-BPA (Bisphenol A) coating on thermal paper which is safe to use.   

Vital need for BPA-free thermal paper

Exposure to BPA can have serious health consequences like prostate and breast cancer, lung infection and kidney malfunction along with other complications as per ongoing research. It is not true that thermal paper needs to have BPA coating to produce good quality print output. Some renowned thermal paper rolls manufacturers are producing the paper without BPA coating and their products are equal if not better in terms of sharpness and durability of print output. Gone are the days when all the thermal paper produced, were coated with the toxic chemical, BPA causing unaccounted harm to humans exposed to such thermal paper.

Substantial savings offered by thermal paper use

ATMs are increasingly being used by millions of people across the world as banking processes get simplified. Most ATM owners source their stationary from ATM thermal paper rolls suppliers who have a steady track record of quality supplies. ATMs that use thermal paper are easy to maintain as they there is no cost of cartridges and ink tanks since the printing happens via heat transfer. They only need to ensure that the thermal paper they use is BPA-free.

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