Assuming You Are a Great Driver? Think Again!

by Abhinav G. Movie Enthusiast

Someone said, “You are an excellent driver!” And you are on Cloud 9. But have you checked the ground reality? No harsh feelings. But in practical terms, you couldn’t be tagged as a great driver only if you can overspeed and supersede the other drivers on the road! That is in fact rash driving! There is so much more to driving safely that should be followed regularly and correctly in order to be called a smart or a good driver.

 Signs of a good driver!

Every person behind the wheels and handling a gear may think about themselves as a good driver. But in reality, the criteria for the same may be way too many. Want to weigh your skills and understand if you are one of the excellent ones handling a four-wheeler? Read on!

  • You have all the knowledge— It’s true that we don’t stop learning -- but acquiring ample knowledge before getting your driving licence is crucial. You are a good driver if you got your driving lessons in Walsall from Just Pass Driving Academy. Their experienced instructors and expert teachers are enough to provide you with the best knowledge of driving to ensure you turn out to be a superb driver in future. Of course, apart from the basic driving, a good driver is also fully aware of the limitations and qualities of the car he’s handling.

  • Your skills are unmatched — You can identify a great driver at a glance! How? Just observe his skills of starting and stopping a car. The smoothness with which the car doesn’t skate or slide even in the trickiest situation is another pointer. If you have the skills to stop the car before it hits the one ahead of you or avoid a nasty driver over-speeding you, then your unmatched driving is totally impressive.

  • You know the defensive side of driving — If you think the person driving within 60 kilometres per hour speed in an open freeway is foolish and the one gliding on the road in hundreds is a good driver -- do check your knowledge once again. A great driver will always follow the lane discipline and will practise all the steps of defensive driving. You’ll never see such a driver skipping signals and turns and taking a u-turn without signalling. Nor will their car be following the wrong lane and honking when it is not necessary.

  • Temptations and distractions don’t stop you — Want to judge your driving efficiency? Just play your favourite album on loud volume and also drive with your best talkative buddies with you. The amount of self control you show at this time shows how good a driver you are! There can be loads of temptations and distractions around you. And if you don’t care for them an ounce and still concentrate on proper driving strategy, then you are the best driver!

Now that you know these essential qualities of a great driver, you can judge yourself or others easily! Do weigh your steps on the above listed situations and you’ll know your own rank.  Hope you’ll try to improve if you still lag behind and congratulations if you are really a fabulous driver! 

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