Assess A Payroll Software: A Guide for Small Businesses

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If you run a business with several employees, you will usually need to manage, maintain and automate their payments. Here starts the use of payroll software. This software is advantageous, especially for small businesses. As a business owner, you can manage and automate the payroll process of your employees through the software. 

Further, a business throws several responsibilities on an employer. If you are the employer, you need to take care of the compensation your employees get after work. You also need to track the working hours of the employees. Without payroll software, all these tasks can be a matter of frustration. That is why it becomes vital to take payroll software into use in your business.   

So it is now clear that every business owner should use this software. But before considering software, you need to think about some important things like the features of the software required to manage your business. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right one to meet all the payroll needs of your business. 

How to assess payroll software? 

Here we are going to share the authentic ways to assess payroll software based on the features and the provider support. By knowing the right ways to choose the software, you will be able to discover secure smart payroll solutions for your business. Moreover, let’s see the parameter on which you can evaluate the software to choose the best one. 

1. Look at the core features  

Several payroll tools come with a set of core features. Such features are advantageous for most businesses. Those features are following:

  • Time management
  • Tax filing and updates
  • Reports, Forms, Payslips
  • Employee updates, leave requests, incentives management

In addition to these features, there are many other features you can find in a payroll system. You need to evaluate the features based on your business requirements. 

Further, you also need to make sure what the provider wants to do with the software. Do they plan any future to polish the software or do they want to add some new capabilities in the software? Does the software have any mobile app available on the Google and Apple stores? Does the system have the ability to work with the latest technology? Moreover, let’s see more about the core features of the software. 

2. Timekeeping

Timekeeping is the most important thing you need to consider in payroll software. Even if you are currently running a small business where there are no employees on an hourly basis. That doesn’t mean your business will always be the same. When your business grows over time and you start hiring hourly employees then this feature will be advantageous for you.

The time management feature in the software will take care of all your employees working on an hourly basis and getting their salary daily instead of monthly or annually. 

You can make your business operations successful by paying your hourly employees correctly and managing all your finances efficiently.

 Moreover, if you already have timekeeping software, make sure the payroll software you are going to purchase can integrate with your existing software. By integrating your existing software to the new one, you get free from the hassle of transferring data from one system to another. 

3. Automatic tax updates

A payroll system should have built-in tax tables. It is useful for you in many ways. But the tax laws related to your business may change from year to year.

You should keep yourself ready to learn about the changes in tax laws and the impact they will put on your business. Your payroll system should be automated in terms of automatic updates of tax tables with every tax law update. This feature will save your time from manually updating the tax table.

4. Employee self-service

It is one of the critical features you must consider in your payroll system. Employee self-service means providing a little bit of freedom to employees like updating profiles, bank details, and other relevant information.

It is all about developing a company culture for the betterment of employees. A business should have a positive work culture that takes care of employee retention, engagement, and productivity.    

 But most businesses are not able to create a positive and engaging work environment. Many businesses don’t think of such things and they keep busy managing administrative tasks.   

Moreover, if you consider the employee self-service feature in your payroll system, you can create a positive work culture to some extent by providing a little bit of freedom to your employees.

5. Mobile solutions

This is the last but an important feature you have to consider while choosing payroll software. Your payroll system should be able to work on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly software allows you to manage the employees’ activities whenever you want whether you are traveling, walking, or idle at your home.

If you miss this feature, it will be a big downside of the system. So make sure the software you choose has a mobile app for devices like Android and iOS. Through the mobile app, the software will be always with you. 


To sum it up, payroll software is an integral part of all sizes of businesses. This software manages all the employees involved in a business efficiently. It provides accurate results compared to manual payroll. Moreover, before you buy software, consider the need for it in your business and based on that take your software. To know how to assess the payroll system, kindly refer to this guide. Performance Marketing Agency

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