Are You Using The Right HRIS Software?

by Shailendra Kumar Tech Reviewer

With the increasing technological advancements, more companies are switching to information systems to simplify their HR operations lately. Human resources management is one such system that is helping hundreds of businesses in India to automate several tedious tasks including identifying potential employees, maintaining records of existing employees, creating programs to develop employees’ skills, and more. 

We all know what HRIS is and why it is used. But not many know how to identify the best system. It is mainly because the Indian market is filled with HRIS options today that, in turn, make the selection process complicated for employers.

Some of you may already have an HRIS system and others may be planning to purchase one. Both ways, this blog will help you to understand the top benefits and features that set an HRIS system apart from others.


Although HRIS software offers a host of benefits to an organization, we have handpicked the top advantages a system ‘must’ provide you:

Data Management

Storing and managing records of employees is one of the most cumbersome HR tasks. If done manually, HRs may have to spend most of their time in the back office that will waste their valuable time and keep them away from other important duties. Now, the only solution to this problem is an efficient HRIS system. It stores every sensitive data in the cloud and manages them more systematically without any human interaction.

Employee Management

Employees are the pillars of any business. Taking good care of them is yet another vital responsibility of a company. Whenever an employee requires something or faces a problem, the first person he/she approaches is his/her HR manager. HRs, on the other hand, are always expected to be a good support system for their employees. Now, it is not as easy as it sounds. 

Unlike traditional tools, HRIS systems solve this challenge as well. The right software factors in exceptional features such as Employee Self-Service (ESS) that is specifically designed to empower employees. Using ESS, employees can do various things without the help of their HRs including checking their attendance, downloading their payslips, and much more.

Regulatory Compliance

Be it small or large, every business is obligated to comply with a set of laws and regulations in India. On the contrary, they may have to face some severe financial and legal problems along the way. Since tax slabs change every year, HRs spent a good amount of time and effort to keep up with such amendments. Fortunately, top-notch HRIS software solves this problem for them. It not just updates every changing law on its own but also sends notifications to the higher authorities about the same.

Payroll Management

Managing and processing salaries of employees are the most time-consuming yet crucial HR operations. From handling payroll data to transferring the salaries, HRs carry out every task that often leads to various costly errors. 

Talking about HRIS, it arranges payroll/employees’ information in chronological order, calculates payrolls accurately, transfers the same quickly using the direct deposit feature, and generates payslips on time. In essence, it automates and optimizes the whole payroll management process, thereby saving a large chunk of time for HRs.


Here are some features found only in the best HRIS software in India:


With every passing year, the requirements of companies change. In this case, a company should choose a system that can grow with them. If the software you are implementing fails to scale with your needs, it can impact your entire business in the long run.

Scope of customizations

Now, every business is different, so are their needs. While some may only want to automate their payroll management, others may need a one-stop solution for their human resources challenges. So, when you pick a system, make sure that it is customizable. Again, only the top-notch HRIS software in India can be easily customized according to the nature of business.

Comply With Litigations

As mentioned earlier, compliance is a very vital area. Even a small error can cost a considerable amount to a business. Keeping this in mind, you must ensure that the software you consider is legally compliant.


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Mobile Accessibility

This feature is a lifesaver at times like these. Go for an HRIS system that can be used anytime, anywhere, that too using any device. More importantly, this will help HRs to complete their important tasks in just a few clicks, even from remote locations. They will just need a good internet connection.

That is it!

So, do your HRIS offer you the aforementioned benefits and features? If NO is your answer, it is time for you to switch. 

Also, if you are someone who will visit the market super soon to purchase HRIS software for your organization– remember every point discussed above throughout your selection process.

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