Are Ergonomics related to back and neck pain?

by Physios NearMe Physiotherapy

You might have heard the word ergonomics, but are you aware what it means? It, in fact, is the study of the workplace where a person sits and works for the whole day. It includes designing the room layout, desk, and chair in a way that the person can work comfortably without putting any stress on his back. The goal of proper ergonomics at the workplace is to minimize discomfort and stress and ensure the person can work properly throughout the day. And to guide you best on this is the reason why do you need a physiotherapist.

Do you know that discomfort in the neck and back pain is mostly related to improper posture and work-related complaints? It is usually caused by sitting in a wrong chair for long hours and not working properly.


Office work involves the person to sit on a chair for long hours, and often we forget to take a break or get up and move so that our body does not stress up. The non-movement can cause stress to the spine, so it is important to have an office chair which is comfortable and supports your back. There is no rule of thumb that a single chair will be comfortable to everyone, different people have different requirements, so chairs must be chosen as per that. Seat height should also be adjustable so that the person’s feet touch the floor in a flat position and the arms are placed evenly on the desk. The chair material should be padded so that it offers comfort to the users and it is best to have cotton materials because they can breathe compared to the harder materials.

Seat backrest must be between 12 to 19 inches wide so that it allows supporting the spine completely. You must also make sure that the backrest is adjustable in angle as well as height.

Lumbar support is extremely important to avoid back pain. A good chair allows for the adjustment to ensure proper position which can support the inward curve of the back.


Select monitor height based on the screen area that you view most frequently. You must sit correctly and keep your spine straight always and place your head comfortably centered.  Also, remember that the lighting should have minimal effect on your screen when you are working. You should also adjust monitor’s brightness as per the resolution needed to prevent the eye strain.

Short Breaks:

Always take short breaks while you are working, move every half an hour to ensure your spine stays healthy. Perform basic stretches at the office so that your body can relax, practice simple neck stretches and this will go a long way in offering you relief.

If you want to know more about proper workplace ergonomics, visit a physiotherapist near in London. If the question is why do you need a physiotherapist? You need a therapist because no one can guide you better than him on workplace ergonomics. For taking an appointment, visit



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