Are Digital Eye Strain Glasses Worth the Hype?

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

The growing amount of time we are spending in front of our devices is significantly damaging to the eyes. The visual demands of computer work are opposite to that of any other activities. According to the Vision Council, around 60% of Americans exhibit similar digital eye strain symptoms, including headache, blurry vision, and fatigue.

The blue light emitting from your devices is to be blamed. However, blue-blocking glasses have taken over as an efficient solution. But, do these really ease your life? 

Blue Blockers as a Lifesaving Option

Blue light is the major contributor to digital eye strain. Since the light has a shorter wavelength, it scatters more quickly than other visible lights. So, when you look at your digital devices, they emit a significant amount of unfocused optical noise leading to strain in the eyes. While the anterior structures of your eyes absorb 99% of the ultraviolet light, blue light penetrates right into the retina. No matter what, both are dangerous. Therefore, computer glasses with a slight tint make your viewing experience much comfortable. 

Are They Worth It?

Digital eye strain glasses are worth wearing all day. People have observed a massive change, and these are a convenient solution to reduce the adverse effects of blue light exposure. These do not affect your visibility and block 95% of the blue light reducing the scatter to a great extent. The glasses are comforting for people who are always on the screen. Blue light protective glasses are available without a prescription, and these are not for vision correction. However, an expert might advise digital eye strain glasses to optimize your vision for the distance at which you view your devices.  

Without such protective eyewear, you may end up with headaches, strain, blurry vision, and even worse, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Computer glasses are different from your conventional reading glasses. Using the former while you are on your screen will also increase your productivity. 

Self-Care Tips

However, even after wearing these glasses, it is advised to adopt a few self-care tips. Keep blinking - an average person blinks their eyes around 15 times per minute. However, this ratio can be cut down to half when you are staring into your screen. Other than that, take occasional eye breaks to give your eyes a brief time-out. Wash your eyes and use an over-the-counter eye drop that keeps your eyes well-lubricated. Limit the screen time, if you can. Adjust screen settings - use a larger font size and also calibrate the brightness or contrast for comfortable viewing.

Digital eye strain glasses also help you sleep better and prevent the chances of contracting any major eye diseases in the long run. But, here you need to understand that blue light alone cannot cause any severe risk. However, overexposure and not taking care, surely can. You can easily buy these glasses online or from a nearby optician. Resist your urge to buy just any glasses available and go for an expert opinion first.

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