5 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing

by Brian Bloomking Content Manager

Content Marketing is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your business on the Internet.


With relevant and good quality content, you will:


Position your business as an expert in your field,

Increase traffic to your business website,

Help your business win new customers ...


5 key techniques to boost your Content Marketing.


1. Combine your texts with visual content


Traditionally, Content Marketing has focused on text:


Blog articles,

EBooks or white papers …


Indeed, it is very easy to create and share textual content.


They can be easily published on a website, sent directly to your customers' mailbox, or even downloaded in pdf format.


But today, business leaders need to be more creative about how to present their web content.


Today it is necessary to use different formats to make your content stand out on an “overcrowded” internet.


For that, you need to mix textual content with videos, audio, interactive and visual components.


Here are some ideas to boost your Content Marketing

Here's how to do it, work on your most popular articles as a priority and consider adding for each of your articles:


An infographic that highlights the statistics mentioned in this article,

A small video introducing the subject of your articles or a longer video presenting all the content,

Interactive elements, such as maps and/or graphics for your users to explore the information presented in the article,

Or even a set of slides that facilitates a quick reading with the key points of your article.

Creating different forms of visual content gives your visitors the flexibility to read the content in the format they prefer:




Interactive presentations ...

Having multiple content formats is also an effective way to share it on more social media platforms like:


Vimeo or YouTube for your videos, for your infographics,

Slideshare for your slide games,

Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest for your images.


In turn, the users of these social networks will also share your visual content, which will potentially increase their distribution and therefore your notoriety.


My advice: choose a format with which you are most comfortable. For me, it's the text. Then decline your content in one or more other formats, if necessary call for outside help. This is what experts call content recycling.


2. Publish very specific content


As you may have noticed, there is a phenomenal amount of content available online. There are millions of blog posts covering virtually every subject known to humans.


For this reason, it is increasingly important to avoid writing on generalized topics. Because chances are there are already many blog posts that address the same topic.


To stand out, on the contrary:


· Research very specific topics intended for your target audiences,

· And adapt your content to the knowledge your audience has already acquired.


If you post extremely detailed content that your readers can't read elsewhere, they'll be loyal to you.


Plus, unless you run a news site, creating content that lasts is key to any Content Marketing strategy.


3. Retain your readers


Anyone who runs a business knows that it is much easier to retain a customer than to win a new one!


It is even strategic to maintain sales.


If you have loyal subscribers to your newsletter or who visit your website regularly, it's important to spend some time figuring out how to retain them even more.


Here are some of the best retention techniques


Regularly posting quality, useful and relevant content, of course, is the basis. If your content disappoints, no one will come back.


But then here are some tips:


Fine-tune your “ internal networking ” so that your readers can easily find posts related to the one they are reading,

Engage in discussion with your readers via comments on your corporate blog or on social networks… In this way, you establish a less “virtual” relationship with your audience. In addition, it is a way to better understand your expectations,

Encourage your readers to come back, with why not contests, gifts, discounts on your products and/or services, or even access to special content,

Simplify the way to subscribe to your content,

Publish a newsletter to directly reach your users.

4. Use content generated by your readers


Internet marketers have found that users pay close attention to content created by other users.


This concerns the opinions of Internet users, but also comments on blog posts, discussions in forums, and posts on social media.


When a user submits a positive comment on one of your articles or one of your products, it necessarily carries a lot of weight with other visitors.


And this is what you can consider doing with your readers' content

Take advantage of user-generated content by encouraging your audience to engage in your work,

Ask for comments on Twitter, then re-tweet them,

Encourage comments on your business blog,

Encourage your readers to share your messages on social networks.


5. Promote your content


Posting relevant, quality content is a waste of time if it cannot be found by readers!


Most Content Marketers focus on new ways to promote their best content.


In addition to promoting your content through a newsletter, on social networks, and even press releases, you can also invest a little money to distribute your best content.


For example, you can buy paid ads, on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.


Advertising platforms accept investments of a few tens of euros. It's a way to test while controlling your budget.


And here are some actions to consider to promote your content


Share your articles on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts ... More specifically, the platforms on which your target is present,

Encourage your readers to share your content with social sharing buttons,

Install a push notifications system on your site,

Invest in paid ads on Google Ads, Facebook ...


My advice: spend a lot more time promoting your content than creating it.


So how do you boost your Content Marketing?


I admit that this article is a bit synthetic. Indeed, each of the points deserves to be deepened. I invite you to use the search box of my blog to find an article that already deals with a particular point.


Being on the Internet is easy. It is more difficult to stand out from the crowd. But it is possible by knowing how to draw attention to yourself.


What are you doing to boost your Content Marketing? What are your tips and experiences?

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Brian BloomKing has been using content marketing to help marketers generate conversions, leads and revenue for the past 12 years through is agency, The BloomKing Agency.  The result has been over 19,000 marketing qualified leads generated for his clients who include Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce.  







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